The problem with London today 

Rant: Don’t automatically add a service charge and ask for proof of bad service to remove it. Take a look at tipping as discretionary. You can’t invent tax! It’s not law or legal what you are doing. Had I seen this and not my girlfriend you would get my viewpoint live.
The good: was good service (should be regardless) good food – should be , but drinks more expensive than the Albert hall last night. Do you hear any of this? Your good at some things but not that good

The bad : apart from bad seating hard old school chairs high drink prices 6 quid for a pint of IPA Jesus what’s s premium beer cost

Actually the service was ok not great – like a lot of London these days poor value for money not even close.

You can read the reply here –

Ridiculous Costs You May Incur

Hear of these costs, please comment to add your own versions of dodgy costs..

After loosing your loved ones sorting out the estate and paying for the funeral is of course expected. Only when you get the final breakdown might you see such a cost a the vicars petrol to the church.
Surely this kind of micro cost should be built into a simpler fee. It just seems to make the whole thing petty.

Pay to have your kids converted

Dear Parents

As part of the RE topic in Year 1 this term we have planned a visit by a Rabbi who will run a workshop to explain the workings of a synagogue.

This visit is being held on the morning of Wednesday.

Please may we request a voluntary contribution of £3 to cover the costs of this workshop.

You may make this contribution via ParentPay or send in cash or cheque in a named envelope with Year 1 RE Workshop written on it. Cheques to be made payable to Chalfont St Giles Infant school please.

Kind regards
The school aka cash cow central.

Antigua Sailing Week

Antigua sailing week is one of the main events in the sailing calendar. Yachts and crews from all over the world descend (or rather sail) on Antigua. Many come from the summer in the mediterranean countries where they have been working and living an alternative life afloat.

Antigua Sailing week 2016

Jua Kali,CSA Racing 5,

Image thanks to

What is sailing week ?

Its a week long of yacht races round Antigua – check out this video where you get to appreciate that its like an open event..
this means that any decent sailing boat can amble round and enjoy sailing in such a dignified manner.

If you are looking for more than just sailing in Antigua then head over to the crew of Best Antigua for their blog and website where you can find your own Antigua Sailing Week or Day !

Why use Linkedin for hosting and writing your articles..

I have seen a lot of high ranking articles that are scattered around the web on websites I have never seen before and so those ones I can imagine are commissioned to make these websites stand out. Or can someone please explain it to me ? Read more…

Apple iPhone roaming block not working

Maybe you get SMS alerts from twitter and Facebook and why not they are free to receive but imagine you go roaming and they come in – you get charged !

Ok so many of us anyway turn roaming off or bolt on a roaming deal so that we don’t get some shocking roaming data bill !

Imagine our surprise. While travelling in Antigua when we turned off every option so that the phone has only wifi. The surprise was that texts and calls were coming through.

In Antigua wifi is readily available and you can get away with apps that convert messaging to come through in wifi format thus not incurring charges for you.

Curiously we searched and thought how this could be happening as we lost money at random as innocent SMS messages were arriving.

Is it this screen which hangs ?

We are communicating with @applesupport to try to understand what is happening.

[EDIT – hardly a convincing reply from their support] So you need to contact your carrier as well !]


I would say that this needs mentioning before you get your suprise bill ?

Well I’m in my 40’s and young people that make all these calls think differently to me and my gen.

Off should mean Off.

Lets have a chat with my carrier o2 and see what they be continued


Littlewoods and Lenovo Customer Experience Real Life Scenario

One buys  laptop from Littlewoods made by Lenovo. The laptop seems to be decent but has some very critical flaws that take a little time to be discovered as faults.

Often people don’t have the technical knowhow to know if something they have bought is faulty. It can take a little time.

The retailer in this case needs to take more responsibility. They simply passed the query via very expensive phone calls (picture coming) to lenovo support in India. These guys don’t really care at all and will placate you frustrate you and carefully take the mickey out of you !

Lenovo Technical Support Contact Number is expensive

Lenovo really should see what BRAND DAMAGE these guys cause.

So ask yourself if you want to take the risk over and above a retailer with a GOOD REPUTATION like amazon.

On some FEW occasions (yes a lot of time was also lost) some decent people seemed to be interested in helping after all you buy a new laptop and dont expect it to malfunction and expect that it should be fixed or replaced.

Why should the consumer pay to contact Littlewoods or Lenovo (OR ANY RETAILER) if the fault is from their product ?
As a big corporation the need for them to keep their brand integrity gets lost. But not forever, but in the meantime you lose as their inadequate support fails you.

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