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“Group friends into custom lists to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. You can create additional lists that are subsets of your existing Friends lists. Use these lists to filter certain content, either in individual posts or in your overall privacy settings. You can create and manage these lists on the Friends management page while you’re signed in to Facebook. You’re the only one who can see the titles and users in your custom lists.

To create a custom Friends list, go to your Friends management page (Account > Edit Friends) and click Create a List. In the dialog window, enter a list name and click the profile pictures from those shown to select friends to add to the list. Click Create List to save the selections. To add or remove people in the list at any time, return to the friendship management page and either select the list from the left or mouse over a specific user and use the Edit Lists menu to toggle the checkmarks of which lists that user belongs to.”

this excerpt comes from here [http://computer.howstuffworks.com/internet/tips/how-to-cull-facebook-friends-list1.htm] – check it out for more detail to take back control of facebook.

A47 cars review (Peterborough)

Not to be confused with the scrap metal cars operation of a similar name. These guys are close to the mc donalds and the motel – where they actually use the car parking to hold cars in transit I imagine to the annoyance of those businesses who pay for those parking spots.

Review of a47 cars in Eye – Peterborough

We test drove a car and found there to be a faulty rear parking sensor and a missing locking nut. Both of these items were promised to be rectified and noted on the recipt which can be classed as a legal document as can an email or even written on the back of a napkin ! Any paper work can be taken into account of a promise or evidence of an agreement. If it were just verbal then we had that and both myself and partner were witness to that.
Apparently the locking nut was in action (on its way) from a main saab dealer. As of this point in time this appears to be a lie. 3 weeks later no sign and no word from a47 cars – they are hard to reach many excuses and some numbers simply blocked us from calling. The parking sensor was supposed to be covered in the warranty, he enquired or so he said to the warranty company and they said it would be covered. We took the car and paid under these regular agreements made in good faith and we didnt have much reason to think that they would not want to protect their reputation. We had it in writing as well that if the parking sensor was not covered by the warranty then they would do the work. So we will keep you posted on the story as it unfolds if you click subscribe.

If it turns out that they do the work it will be because we hounded them and have had to take some legal action the small claims court is now more practcal for such disputes. You can find out more about that here.

In conclusion currently I cannot recommend them as a vehicle supplier. If they do turn around and make good that will be made clear in this review.

Contact them (if you can) :

07517543918 not working,



Their website is
and you can find more info on their business structure here :

Campsite links south of France Beziers Area

Serignan Plage [reviews]

Advantages – close to Beziers, on the beach.


Le Club Farret [reviews]

le club faret – http://www.yellohvillage.co.uk/camping/le_club_farret

Les Sablons a big but well reviewed site on the excellent portiragnes beach.[reviews]


Other camping ideas



BMW Recalls many (n47) engines timing chain – revisited and washing machine noises

Helping to source a new car for my partner I got to speak to some dealers (which I do enjoy) and one mentioned the n47 issue as we saw a pre affected model and this was a ‘plus’ for that vehicle. He said the engines on the 320d after were awful. I was taken aback as this is my engine ! He wasn’t to know that of course. We got into a chat and he told me the issues of the timing chain.

“One noise we need to look out for is that of a swooshing noise – so if your car starts to sound like a washing machine worry..”

It’s an expensive replacement pre failure as it’s inaccessible but if it goes then your engine will need rebuilding and a local garage is specialising in this and they are doing 3-6 per week at the moment ! The latter are failures. There is clearly an issue and there s not a lot of data indicating why some low milleage cars are affected and some have NO issues it has to be said.
He said to call BMW as they had some recalls going on and it has even been highlighted on watchdog here

I recorded the sound of my engine on startup here for reference

I called my local BMW dealer and my car had no recall going on.
She advised me to call UK headquarters and I got a scripted chat from a real person on the matter. It was a very ..I have no recollection of that recall customer.. I said it was even on the TV are you denying that – I am simply trying to get information on my car to see if it was post modification. Reasonable question I thought. I have not had such an obtuse phone call in a while and I didn’t mind saying so. I don’t have time for rudeness and apply my replies equally. Yes I find if I ask a reasonable question it is rude to not answer or answer from a statement.
I did ask for permission from BMW UK and Nicola herself since I felt this was decent editorial; to attribute the message that there is NO RECALL on these cars/engines and was given the name and extension of the operator.

0800 325600 ext 302200 it should be Nicola and she is happy to receive your calls about your N47 engine.

Just search yahoo or bing for ‘n47 timing chain’ etc and you will get a long list of worried drivers myself included with the ticking time bomb under the bonnet.

This is a great before and after video demonstrating the chain noise…

So check your car’s engine for noise. There is no good news really a metal chain is supposed to last the lifespan of a car Vs a timing belt that is cheaper and needs replacing every so often (a subject for discussion in itself is when..)

One noise we read about is a ‘swooshing sound’ likened to that of a washing machine.

Timing Belts Contentious Subject – when to change ?

Back to shopping for second hand cars “has the belt been changed” question is coming up on higher mile cars. It’s a definite plus but when it should be done changes from mechanic to mechanic and that’s really confusing to the owner or potential purchaser of second hand cars. It is causing a lot of issues and in an age where manufacturers are trying really hard to differentiate themselves the timing chains and belt issues seem to go on unsolved. If I were to say what I have most commonly heard is that a new belt goes for 80k miles. So after a change that is the expected safe time to change. So buy a second hand car with this mileage then look for the belt work or factor in doing that shortly after and talk to your garage about the cost of changing that.  Warranties will often cover a water pump failure and not a belt but if the pump goes a good garage should do the belt as its often in the same area of work. Any decent garage that is.

Some notes from Felixtowe

Had a really surprising day at Felixtowe today take a look at these pics. What a lucky days sun this Easter time. 


Uninstalling gotomeeting on a mac

I had a lot of trouble uninstalling go to meeting on my mac.
I even went through to their customer support and got a helpful german chap on the line. That was after having an aemrican guy who promptly dropped my call after I had been through about 4-5 keypresses in their telephone menu. The number for their tech support is 08004049279.

yes its fair to say that I was getting annoyed by this app.

It worked great for the webinar but I was left wondering why I couldn’t just see this through a browser. Why are the viewers expected to install this ?

So how to uninstall from a mac the gotomeeting from citrix ?

The normal way to uninstall something from a mac is to go to the applications folder using finder and drag the icon of the app to the trash. Then empty the trash.

This was not working it kept appearing. I read that you need to go into preferences of gotomeeting which in itself is annoying but try not to login as you don’t need to but they really try to force you to…try immediately clicking the top menu at the top of your screen.

then preferences and find the automatic updates check box and disable that.

BUT for me this didn’t work hence why I resorted to calling their support.

I had to in the end search my mac for the ‘gotomeeting’ files and drag them to the trash.

Hope this helps and if it does then comment on your findings please.

Oh my…fiverr and angry men

When a trade goes bad !


if it is not content then why u want me to find it. good luck with your crap


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i dont use f words toward loosers


Why do I keep running into idiots like you this week, is it that easy to make 5 dollars ?
Stating the fucking obvious and asking is it ok did I do I earn my money ?

What did you actually do ? So don’t fucking complain when people get angry.

What goes around comes around.


in your case you just went down the drain. as you ask me to help you and i do then you jump into conclusion well its not the conten if you are thr genious then figure it out urself. i suggest not writing me again.


Of course I can do it but the point of asking is to save time. I will keep writing to you if I choose to. I’m not listening to your suggestions…


you write me back again then ill just mark you as spam good luck.


i believe i warned u


yes this is going to make a nice blog post


nope. it will only ruin yourself


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