Electronic Retailers from China

Its disrupting all things electronic – they don’t even respect patents. The electronic and product designers are selling to us direct now through platforms such as banggood. Not only is that a very funny name for a site just look at this what was ‘hanging’ in my inbox this morning !

I am more than slightly amused and wonder if this is really a heart shape or if they were not ballsy enough to call the swinging light balls ?

4.99 bargain !


Would you take your children on holiday to France ?

I am curious to know if you would take your dearest on a holiday to France, I would (and we are bound if my daughters mother lets me) but I want to know if you would too. I think we have as much to fear in the UK as France. It doesn’t help the scaremongering some of the papers are doing – stop buying those if you do would help the overall situation. I don’t have an issue with soldiers on the beach. Many countries have had this for decades maybe it’s just a new thing we need to get used to.

A whole website has been dropped from the google search engine perhaps because of poilitcal opinion expressed in a single article.

http://landed.at has been trying to get back into google as a travel resource since a few years now. Reducing and trying to eliminate possible reasons to narrow down the item that google doesn’t like has taken a long time.
It now could be that the following article is the problem. This article was stated as having been written by a bot (not a person) but it clearly is an average author such as the blogging fraternity can be. Those travel blogs are not necessarily bad.

Such author opinion as “With a history dominated by powers that have wanted to own and manipulate Cuba” clearly strong words against the very country that Google is from. Could it be that they have taken this very personally ?

If a website gets a manual action from google it can be taken away from the search results.

The url is : http://landed.at/caribbean/cuba/cuba-backpacking-guide-an-unspoilt-paradise

Sunmaster Travel Agent Review

Sunmaster in our case took our card details for a holiday then didn’t get back to us after 24 hrs I contacted them. this is clearly something they do regularly and they are waiting to start the dance which goes like this…

You get invested in a holiday (that I don’t think ever exists) and so when you get to the end and get offered one 20% more after all your effort of course you give in. We didn’t hope you get online and DIY yourself a flight and hotel and save loads.
They will come up with some excuse as to why your booking didn’t work but they have other deals…
They were very quick to have the reasons why they are not working illegally but I am sure this is against the trade descriptions act. It’s certainly a grey area. They are happy to spout terms and conditions to you and we advise to find a better ‘operator’.

These guys when you boil it down are simply LEAD GENERATION service getting people interested in a holiday.


Scotiabank Teen Splash

Best Antigua

Antigua Carnival 2016

teen-splashOn Monday, 25 th July 2016 starting 07:00 PM11:30 PM in the Antigua Recreation Ground entry is $20 ecd.
For more info telephone : (268) 462-0194 / (268) 462-4707

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Click together decking

This doesn’t really work on a normal unflat grassy surface. I will admit the only use so far is to provide a stable surface for my wine glass. Look

An email to my local MP on the Child Maintenance Service

I need to start blogging my experience and firstly I need to start to make those with some degree of power aware of some things. This may not be that effective but like a lot of parents I find myself in need to vent my frustrations somewhere. This ‘Service’ is really quite shocking. It also is not a man vs woman thing – many mothers are also left asking whats the point with this service as they cannot force bad lads to pay support. Instead they miscalculate and trump up collection fees for those who do pay directly but have their partners complain. Without checking evidence properly the weight of the law is brought to you in text format at 8 in the morning..pay or we will send the debt collection round and you will have to appear in court..I kid you not, these guys are not nice people. They shoot first and ask questions later. This smells like a nasty way of the world I thought we had banished especially in this country.
Well this is the start of a tough period for me as I try and pay for my daughter to grow up.

Here is the letter to my local MP to see what his office have to say on the matter..

stephen barclay

Letter to Local MP North East Cambridgeshire Stephen Barclay

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