Its a move away from bankers to dairy farmers


I wish to introduce you to a very lucrative business. I worked as a product

sourcing manager with (“a-MIC”),an export company here in Cote d’Ivoire.

In a business seminar I attended sometime ago in 2012, I met one Alhaji, who

is the president & CEO of a big cattle and dairy farm here in my country.

Alhaji informed me that he needed a particular vaccine which he usually buys

at USD2,000 per carton and he buys up wards of 3000 cartons every three

months. On getting back to my office, I discussed this with my boss. After

some market research, we got the product from Europe for USD575.00 and we

supplied to Alhaji at USD1,500 per carton. My boss has supplied this vaccine

to Alhaji for more than four times  now, making a very huge profit.

My problem now is that my boss has vehemently refused to pay me my share of

the profit as we discussed. As a result of this, I decided to arrange with

Alhaji to link him to the real producers of the vaccine who will give him

the vaccine at a cheaper rate. After my discussion with Alhaji, he agreed to

buy the vaccine at the rate of USD1,250 per carton of 12 bottles. If you are

interested and capable of executing this supplies on my behalf, kindly get

back to me urgently.

Thanks and God bless you.

Mr. Didier Tra Konan

The number one film ever !

The good the bad and the ugly.

The internet has changed – did you notice ?

I hadn’t noticed but since I get the constant feeling I am now inferior after surfing the net (which I didn’t get time to do before the holidays) .

Ok so many of you probably counter this by watching East Enders or Jeremy Kyle when you feel good about yourself again at least not so far removed from the superior beings you see plastered all over facebook and the websites that somehow get to the top of google you know where seemingly everyone is beautiful at least in 32 pixels x 32 pixels avatars. Just look at mine :)

What has happened to the internet ?

It has been the new revenue stream for most businesses that realise that post the 2008 slump in economy its not a slump its just the new way. Nobody said what goes down must come up did they ! This has spawned an ever increasing need to get to the top of social media and google.[rant alert] Google has started to return ONLY results that have been so contrived to be shared, clicked on and engaged with. And google have downright removed websites from their results that compete with their own products but thats a different libellous story. Not to mention that the top half of googles first page is now very much filled with paid for websites and snippets of the page you might well visit but no longer need to because the contact number is right there. I will admit that can be handy but consider that google is focusing on a single result and defocussing on the bigger set of results. As a business if you want to be seen here good luck doing anything but paying them money.

Thats just google – facebook gets worse as well, adverts suggested posts not to mention the lunch your friend needed to share or the check-in so you know they had been somewhere cool…multiply that by 200 (or 2000 if you do facebook for numbers) and you will constantly get the best your friends are doing all the time. Making you feel your life is boring. The reality is lost with the internet much the same way TV got. The internet is now looking more like TV everyday. The corps are killing it softly they always do.

The solution ?

Well the internet used to be a lot more fun. Perhaps we need to go read a book or take a walk and get a coffee in a coffee shop. I think the latter (resist the latte pun) is a great example of how we crave the environment they provide. People watch REAL PEOPLE not the fake online folk. You are really 100% sure not to get a penis photo sent to you which is more than can be said than on TINDER. And on that congratulations women WOMEN ARE BETTER THAN MEN I have no interest in seeing your vaginas, in case you didn’t get it yet I want something left to the imagination.

There are of course some really great websites online and in fact its like an alternate parallel internet. To find it you might have to venture onto page 2 -10 of google search or try the excellent or or OTHERS..thats right the results you want are not even 5 clicks away such little effort. So change your surfing patterns and accept a change in the way you DO the internet.
Get off facebook and live a little. Go to the pub get a few pints down you and have a real conversation. Realise that your phones are making you ill – really that holding your phone like that constantly is going to cripple you at 50.

If anyone is listening who controls the internet please dial it back a bit. Reduce the groomed lovely people from gracing the page from header to footer telling me how great their life is. If anyone else is listening share and post responsibly you would hate your friends having to hide you now wouldn’t you. And above all stop liking that contrived groomed shit. Writers hate having to do it but we need to appeal to what you say you like.


After IPhotos went to Photo in mac speak users are at risk of loosing their stored videos.

I have had some free time recently and found an issue when I decided to clear my phone (and iphone 4) of many photos that I had dared not delete. I now have a backup on my mac of these photos and also in dropbox but I am not using apple cloud at least not yet.

icloud not backing up is another story many people find out too late !

So what seems to have happened is that apple switched from iPhotos to Photos and generally I prefer the new program for viewing and managing the photos. In the same fashion there is a library package file that all the photos get imported into. However like many I disocvered that on trying to play back the videos you get an error that the videos can’t be located however you see a beautiful thumbnail NOT alerting you to the issue. I had no warnings or any reason to suspect the videos had not migrated properly. And thats the issue.
So I am looking through my iphone and scrolling at the same time checking that my photos are on the mac hard drive and then safely deleting them- however I have now lost the videos since the thumns are not actual videos ! Luckily I am able to go back in time to the time before the iphotos and find the NON migrated iphotos library file in the OLD pictures folder – I restored that to the desktop and the videos are luckily still there.

But many of you may not try the videos and assume that they are there and working…I hope this helps stop you loosing precious moments you took with your phone. Please share this mini tip as it will be a big issue I am sure. Anyone wishing to get help please simply comment below.

These guys found the same issue..

I apologise for a lack of images initially at least.


This is a particular problem that affected one of my kitchen windows and a bathroom window. The windows were installed cerca 1995 and the guarantee was rubbish – they just wanted to get out of fixing them by saying the only thing that is guaranteed is the glass. The bathroom one remains broken shut  – cannot be opened as the common problem means that gravity sends the bottom lock to remain in place. This being the case turning the handle turns the centre mechanism but the ‘jaws’ you can see in the picture below never work to lift the metal lock up and out of its seat. This design flaw has meant that newer upvc windows designs do not use this kind of mechanism. The chances are that you are here to try and fix yours.
The first step is to get the window open – only then can you remove the screws from the inside face of the ‘sash’ (the framed pane). This is facilitated by removing the glass – so its a very hard step. The frame needs to be flexed out with tools hoping that it doesn’t get broken.

The second step can be to see if you can find the right size of mechanism replacement – then its a reasonably simple job to replace yourself this and bingo.

This is a picture of the mechanism that I needed to replace and chances are this is also what you need. If you need to get this part then contact me and I will get one sent across to you for a tenner.

This is the part you need to fix window locks with a top and bottom bolt mechanism.

This is the part you need to fix window locks with a top and bottom bolt mechanism.

Here are some links to help you get your window back functioning again.

A guy here tries to help you removing glass from the frames, remove glass from pain.

Remove the handle like this video shows.

Poor girl has the same issue here in this forum and it may be of help though some of the posters are confusing the issue.


Amazon reviews censored

Review for the macbook air replacement charger

follows at the end

I just posted this review and it got censored by Amazon. This was disappointing as I checked their guidelines for posting and I didn’t think that it went against any.
So I am guessing that I fell into a first line editorial human scan. If its negative slightly or might hurt sales and you are in doubt then censor – block the review.

So the problem for me is that we are going to only have positive reviews now and not show the real picture and this was one of the main reasons that I shop and check out products for Amazon. Now with their delivery going up again I am returning to the high street more and more and really shopped a lot less online last Christmas.

Here is the offending review and a link to the product.

Very disappointed that this is marketed as a replacement for macbook …

Very disappointed that this is marketed as a replacement for macbook air power cable, yes it is but not the same as you get with your macbook air its the short version and at this price a real rip off. I would have accepted the high price for the longer version (even though a copy it is good quality).

To be fair the seller had a decent return via amazon service and they didn’t quibble however I post this review so that you know what you will be getting.


Tony danzas breath

That was defcon 4 even for family guy :) come by how you got here.


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