Urban Dictionary – TON meaning of.

Turning Off Notifications – TON

e.g. I am TON

Used in the facebook group chats for when you wan’t to get some sleep or back into real life.

I’m TON !

I’m too young and montana

Going back to when channel 4 (the last channel) hosted American Football there was a duo many know about called young and rice and I didn’t invent it cause it will never have ring like young and montana but it was young and rice…

but watch this and enjoy

Only in Jamaica

Is this really helping ?

So saying how can I help then asking me to telephone someone to get help is not helping is it ?


Getting young people working online and into self employment

I wanted to see some program that allows young people to do paid work online and provide an invoice. The tax forms must be very simple and they must not be taxed for 6 months then a scale of simple taxation.
At a young age they learn about self employment.
I stop paying indian writers for rubbish irrelevant content that is not taxed sending money to another massive emerging economy.
They get money and a kind of job as much or as little as they want.

Some people choose an online portal to find work that they can do and track the whole job. This is good also as it keeps the paperwork for you. I have used elance to hire people myself for small jobs like writing for example. I get an invoice for my business when they finish the work. Go here to learn more about elance.

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Good value for money hotels for Marylebone Paddington and Hyde Park Areas (Reviews)

So I quickly review my brief contracting stay around the Paddington area (my work right near Marylebone station) for this is a great easy single bus to Marylebone station also walkable somewhat in extremis. But the single bus 27 opposite mc donalds direction chalk farm is great.

I ended up trying to find the cheapest or best value hotel in the Paddington and Hyde Park area. I would like to share my findings as it may help you decide where to start your explorations in the area. Every week end I had to do this online searching and so you should save yourself some time and some hotels best avoided unless you get deals on them.

The Strategy

First try to get a good deal with ALL hotels and try not to leave the booking too late as this is always hard to find a deal unless for some reason demand is down then late can be good – don’t aim for this strategy however is my advice.
Check laterooms hotels.landed.at and booking.com for your region and specific hotels – also try TRIVAGO. Please comment and add your findings below and I will add them here.

I don’t like to save my card details online but you will get fed up inputting them each time – and indeed I found that I was not getting the best deal with any single site so you will find shopping around best.

Some Hotel Reviews Hyde Park and Paddington

The first week I stayed in the Indigo Paddington (by luck) and this was my original booking for 3 nights in the sister hotel the Quality Crown Hotel around the corner. But for some reason they took me to the indigo. I liked this hotel very much but normally it is outside my price bracket.

Review Indigo Hotel Paddington

The hotel indigo Paddington is a boutique hotel and though the rooms might be a little small (but ok) the bathroom was comfortably sized and I had an outside patio area (hence the room is not small if you add bathroom and patio) – and for this reason I think it is a good compromise – its not so small that it was an issue unless you intended to spend all day in it. Well located next to the Paddington tube and mainline station the 27 bus is close buy to get you to Marylebone station as well. It has its own bistro and a well appointed gym. You get free soft drinks from the mini bar and a newspaper on your door handle in the morning – the breakfast is excellent. It is ideally located. Its décor is especially welcoming as it is contemporary. The bathroom and shower are spacious and luxuriating. Other treats include a good array of TV channels to choose from. This extends into the gym where I found myself watching storage hunters that I had never ever watched before while in the middle of my sets. I did have headphones on to keep the intensity somewhere reasonable. Towels and water in the gym provided. I wish they didn’t polish the floor mats you will know why this irritates me perhaps!
It goes without saying that the staff are all excellent but I will. You can smoke in the designated outside spaces if you like that sort of thing !

Review of the Connaught Hotel Hyde Park

The next hotel was the Connaught the following week and as I was too late to book I ended up booking just one night. And I was glad. It’s a 4 star rated hotel and was quite roomy the biggest room so far but it lacked some kind of charm. It also felt a bit of a cold neighbourhood as close by are other just as big hotels. I paid 80 pounds for my single night and used the ok gym. Indigo has a better gym by the way.
I was offered the room again for 100 pounds then they had some bookings and this went up to 159 or so…I decided to get online (their wifi was very dodgy) and find another. I lucked out with the linden house hotel this was 55 but I again could only stay one night. I couldn’t fault the staff and the room was a twin and more spacious than some but didn’t seem to be especially 4 star for me looking a bit tired in places though all clean of course. I think if I could have this room for 80 per night I would have thought ok – not bad. At least it does have a decent enough gym. The bedding and mares gave me a good nights sleep. I also think you will get more peaceful sleep in this part of London as its not near a major street where people are likely to shout which sometimes happens in more central Paddington.

Review of the Linden House Hotel Paddington (55 pounds paid per night)

Again based on a one night stay – wanted the rest of the week it was fully booked.
The breakfast room was the only real downside as this is a value place however if I had paid full price might be thinking it was not great value. Clean not too small room – just you know that when furnishing and fitting ot out they found the best deals on tiles not the best colours for example. They are not so bad style wise and everything worked well and the shower was every bit as powerful and warm as the Indigo’s.

Review of the Alexandra (55 pounds per night deal 2 nights stayed)

Similarly across the road I finally stayed in the Alexandra. All these hotels are good location for the tube and busses and hyde park let me say – the Connaught a little less handy for Marylebone but not at all far by normal standards. The con was closer to Bayswater and next to Lancaster gate.
The Indigo and Connaguht did have a good hotel safe (big enough for laptop) and the Alexandria and linden house didn’t have a safe at all. But I felt things were secure and took my laptop to work anyway. I am sure these hotels would be normally ok as they have reputations to keep and any theft would render very bad. I have not heard nor felt problems in any of these hotels.

There really isn’t much to pick for the Linden vs the Alexandra…and it may come down to which you can get a deal for and for this I share my own best ways to find your cheap Paddington indeed London or other area hotel. Ah yes forgot the main drawback of the Alexandria to date is the lack of free wifi and the paid one was not even recommended to me by the reception ! So the Linden is better for that reason as well. The Alexandra does have more seating for breakfast and I found the Linden to be too busy to enjoy breakfast – but functional.
For the Connaught you can get the 274 for baker street station and walk the rest if like me you are working in Marylebone.

Stick to your guns – know when your getting the brush off ticketmaster #fail

This is quite funny, and it’s taken a whole week to come to fruition, but it just goes to show you what happens when you stick to your guns, don’t take no for an answer, and don’t be fooled into thinking that companies can always enforce their terms and conditions.

Basically I wasn’t happy with the vip area at the lovebox festival so I asked for my money back. Here’s what happened:

Customer     21/07/2008 11:08 AM
To all concerned,

I wish to have my money refunded for the two VIP tickets I purchased for the Saturday at the lovebox festival.
the reasons being as follows:

1. There was nothing remotely resembling VIP or any other premium or exclusive facilities as I was led to believe when I bought the tickets.
2. The ‘vip area’ lacked a spa, hot-tub, masseuses, table-service and restaurant area as promised. These facilities were the reason I was happy to pay a premium, and were what I expected in return for the £200 pounds I paid for myself and my friend.
3. The roof terrace wasn’t in view of any stage.
4. The area and facilites were clearly not adequate for the amount of people being sold vip tickets, with the result that the bar quickly generated queues as long as any other part of the festival.
5. The vip toilets became unusable by mid-afternoon, without any maintenance whatsoever. In contrast, the standard toilet facilities at the venue were regularly maintained. however there were still very large queues, making either option unnacceptable. I paid a premium for vip facilities and shouldn’t have had to queue for the cubicles, as I was forced to.
6. At some points there was even a queue to get into the ‘vip area’
7. I decided it would be a good idea to remedy the situation by walking home, using a well maintained toilet, getting myself a drink without queuing for half an hour and returning to the festival. I was then informed that despite having a ‘vip’ wristband, that I wouldn’t be allowed re-entry, contrary to that which my friend and I were advised when we arrived at the festival. Consequently I was unable improve the day by using my own facilities.

FYI, The rest of the festival was a success and I enjoyed the music and the company of my friends. I believe some of the problems occurred as a result of too many vip tickets being sold, although some of the promised facilities were totally absent regardless. I’m not cynical enough to believe that this was a simple and greedy way to sell tickets at treble the cost, simply poor planning on the part of the organisers and in particular those who organised the ‘vip’ facilities.

As a result of not being given what I paid for, what was advertised, and what I was intentionally led to believe I would get, I would like my money refunded in full (£200), for both of the tickets (one of which was a present for a friend)

Please advise as soon as possible when/how you intend to make the refund.

Many thanks,


Response (TM)     21/07/2008 04:38 PM
Dear ****

Thanks for your e-mail

We are sincerely sorry to hear of your reasons for writing to Ticketmaster. It never pleases us to hear that what should have been an enjoyable day was in fact a disappointment. As a ticketing agency Ticketmaster work on behalf of the venue, promoter and producers of each show, and as such work upon the instruction of the aforementioned bodies. Ticketmaster can not be held responsible for what takes place at the event in terms of artist performance, technical issues, organisation and staffing. I have however forwarded your complaint and your booking to the promoters for their consideration. Unfortunately i can not guarantee a response from them.

I am sorry i am unable to offer you any further assistance at this time and assure you of our best intentions.

Customer   21/07/2008 05:50 PM

I bought the ticket from ticketmaster. whilst you are not responsible for the actions of the event organisers, you are responsible for refunds, as you are the retailer of the ticket. I’m protected by consumer regulations which state quite clearly that it is the responsibility of the retailer to provide refunds if the product or service being sold isn’t provided as advertised.

It isn’t satisfactory, or adequate to your legal requirements to merely pass on my complaint, if you’re acting as an agent for a supplier of something which isn’t being sold as advertised, you have to deal with them. I only have to deal with you, as you are the agent.

Please refund the full value of the tickets. This is your legal responsibility.

Many thanks,


Response (TM)     22/07/2008 11:47 AM
Dear ****

Thanks for your response.

As a ticket agency, Ticketmaster act on behalf of the promoter, venue and event organiser in the sale of tickets.  When purchasing tickets, customers are not only entering into a contract with Ticketmaster but also the promoter, venue and event organiser of which certain Terms and Conditions must be adhered to prior to purchase.

Ticketmaster played no part in the organisation of the above show and event package nor were responsible for the service encountered at the venue.  We are dissatisfied to hear of the substandard service described and Ticketmaster in no way dispute the level of upset that was incurred on the evening. As i mentioned previously i have forwarded this complaint to the promoters for their consideration.

In the meantime Ticketmaster sincerely apologise for any disappointment incurred on the evening and we thank you for your patience whilst this matter was investigated.

Assuring you of our best intentions at all times.

Customer (****)     22/07/2008 12:38 PM

The terms and conditions entered into prior to purchase are an attempt to absolve ticketmaster of any merchant’s responsibility. They are therefore COMPLETELY unenforceable. If I were to get you to sign a contract waiving me of my legal responsibilities, the contract would be null and void.

I refer you to the “Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999″ – It’s an EC directive, and unlike ticketmaster’s terms and conditions, it IS legally enforceable.

Consumer law is something I’m more than slightly familiar with and I know when I’m dealing with someone being instructed to fob off customers with canned responses to complaints. I won’t back be be backing down on this until it’s satisfactorily resolved.

Ticketmaster have two choices – either

A. Refund my money, as I wasn’t given what I paid for, and tickmaster took my money for something falsely advertised,


B. Be forced by court judgement to refund my money, and pay all legal fees brought forth by the case, which in my experience would probably be 10-20 times the amount of money paid for the tickets.

Please let me know ASAP whether you intend to take the reasonable route or the expensive one. If it’s the latter, please can you forward contact details of your legal dept or appointed representatives.

Many thanks,

Response (TM)     23/07/2008 04:32 PM
Dear ****,

I have forwarded this to our legal department and i will be back in touch as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience

Customer (****)     23/07/2008 05:46 PM

Many thanks TM,

Your patience in this matter is also appreciated.


Response (TM)     24/07/2008 10:40 AM
Dear ****,

I have been informed that you are going to be contacted by the promoters today regarding this. Can you please let me know if thet don’t get in touch with you.

Many thanks

Customer (****)     24/07/2008 05:13 PM
Hi TM,

I’ve heard nothing yet.


Response (TM)     25/07/2008 12:06 PM
Dear ****,

Thanks for keeping me updated. I have been informed by the account managers that the promoters are formulating a response and will be in contact on Monday. I am sorry this is later than i first mentioned.

I’d like to thank you for your patience and i have been assured they will contact you on Monday.

Many thanks

Customer (****)     25/07/2008 12:27 PM
Hi TM.

I’m not really sure that having the promoters “formulate a response” is going to appease me in any way whatsoever. If they’re “formulating a full refund” then let’s go with that, otherwise please forward details of your legal dept so I can carry on as planned and get a refund from ticketmaster.

Many thanks.


Response (TM)     25/07/2008 02:19 PM
Dear ****.

I am sincerely sorry for the delay in resolving this matter but the promoters have just agreed that we can refund the booking in full. I have actioned this for you so £200 is now credited back in your account. It may take a few days to show on your statements.

Any further questions feel free to contact us


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