Stick to your guns – know when your getting the brush off ticketmaster #fail

This is quite funny, and it’s taken a whole week to come to fruition, but it just goes to show you what happens when you stick to your guns, don’t take no for an answer, and don’t be fooled into thinking that companies can always enforce their terms and conditions.

Basically I wasn’t happy with the vip area at the lovebox festival so I asked for my money back. Here’s what happened:

Customer     21/07/2008 11:08 AM
To all concerned,

I wish to have my money refunded for the two VIP tickets I purchased for the Saturday at the lovebox festival.
the reasons being as follows:

1. There was nothing remotely resembling VIP or any other premium or exclusive facilities as I was led to believe when I bought the tickets.
2. The ‘vip area’ lacked a spa, hot-tub, masseuses, table-service and restaurant area as promised. These facilities were the reason I was happy to pay a premium, and were what I expected in return for the £200 pounds I paid for myself and my friend.
3. The roof terrace wasn’t in view of any stage.
4. The area and facilites were clearly not adequate for the amount of people being sold vip tickets, with the result that the bar quickly generated queues as long as any other part of the festival.
5. The vip toilets became unusable by mid-afternoon, without any maintenance whatsoever. In contrast, the standard toilet facilities at the venue were regularly maintained. however there were still very large queues, making either option unnacceptable. I paid a premium for vip facilities and shouldn’t have had to queue for the cubicles, as I was forced to.
6. At some points there was even a queue to get into the ‘vip area’
7. I decided it would be a good idea to remedy the situation by walking home, using a well maintained toilet, getting myself a drink without queuing for half an hour and returning to the festival. I was then informed that despite having a ‘vip’ wristband, that I wouldn’t be allowed re-entry, contrary to that which my friend and I were advised when we arrived at the festival. Consequently I was unable improve the day by using my own facilities.

FYI, The rest of the festival was a success and I enjoyed the music and the company of my friends. I believe some of the problems occurred as a result of too many vip tickets being sold, although some of the promised facilities were totally absent regardless. I’m not cynical enough to believe that this was a simple and greedy way to sell tickets at treble the cost, simply poor planning on the part of the organisers and in particular those who organised the ‘vip’ facilities.

As a result of not being given what I paid for, what was advertised, and what I was intentionally led to believe I would get, I would like my money refunded in full (£200), for both of the tickets (one of which was a present for a friend)

Please advise as soon as possible when/how you intend to make the refund.

Many thanks,


Response (TM)     21/07/2008 04:38 PM
Dear ****

Thanks for your e-mail

We are sincerely sorry to hear of your reasons for writing to Ticketmaster. It never pleases us to hear that what should have been an enjoyable day was in fact a disappointment. As a ticketing agency Ticketmaster work on behalf of the venue, promoter and producers of each show, and as such work upon the instruction of the aforementioned bodies. Ticketmaster can not be held responsible for what takes place at the event in terms of artist performance, technical issues, organisation and staffing. I have however forwarded your complaint and your booking to the promoters for their consideration. Unfortunately i can not guarantee a response from them.

I am sorry i am unable to offer you any further assistance at this time and assure you of our best intentions.

Customer   21/07/2008 05:50 PM

I bought the ticket from ticketmaster. whilst you are not responsible for the actions of the event organisers, you are responsible for refunds, as you are the retailer of the ticket. I’m protected by consumer regulations which state quite clearly that it is the responsibility of the retailer to provide refunds if the product or service being sold isn’t provided as advertised.

It isn’t satisfactory, or adequate to your legal requirements to merely pass on my complaint, if you’re acting as an agent for a supplier of something which isn’t being sold as advertised, you have to deal with them. I only have to deal with you, as you are the agent.

Please refund the full value of the tickets. This is your legal responsibility.

Many thanks,


Response (TM)     22/07/2008 11:47 AM
Dear ****

Thanks for your response.

As a ticket agency, Ticketmaster act on behalf of the promoter, venue and event organiser in the sale of tickets.  When purchasing tickets, customers are not only entering into a contract with Ticketmaster but also the promoter, venue and event organiser of which certain Terms and Conditions must be adhered to prior to purchase.

Ticketmaster played no part in the organisation of the above show and event package nor were responsible for the service encountered at the venue.  We are dissatisfied to hear of the substandard service described and Ticketmaster in no way dispute the level of upset that was incurred on the evening. As i mentioned previously i have forwarded this complaint to the promoters for their consideration.

In the meantime Ticketmaster sincerely apologise for any disappointment incurred on the evening and we thank you for your patience whilst this matter was investigated.

Assuring you of our best intentions at all times.

Customer (****)     22/07/2008 12:38 PM

The terms and conditions entered into prior to purchase are an attempt to absolve ticketmaster of any merchant’s responsibility. They are therefore COMPLETELY unenforceable. If I were to get you to sign a contract waiving me of my legal responsibilities, the contract would be null and void.

I refer you to the “Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999″ – It’s an EC directive, and unlike ticketmaster’s terms and conditions, it IS legally enforceable.

Consumer law is something I’m more than slightly familiar with and I know when I’m dealing with someone being instructed to fob off customers with canned responses to complaints. I won’t back be be backing down on this until it’s satisfactorily resolved.

Ticketmaster have two choices – either

A. Refund my money, as I wasn’t given what I paid for, and tickmaster took my money for something falsely advertised,


B. Be forced by court judgement to refund my money, and pay all legal fees brought forth by the case, which in my experience would probably be 10-20 times the amount of money paid for the tickets.

Please let me know ASAP whether you intend to take the reasonable route or the expensive one. If it’s the latter, please can you forward contact details of your legal dept or appointed representatives.

Many thanks,

Response (TM)     23/07/2008 04:32 PM
Dear ****,

I have forwarded this to our legal department and i will be back in touch as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience

Customer (****)     23/07/2008 05:46 PM

Many thanks TM,

Your patience in this matter is also appreciated.


Response (TM)     24/07/2008 10:40 AM
Dear ****,

I have been informed that you are going to be contacted by the promoters today regarding this. Can you please let me know if thet don’t get in touch with you.

Many thanks

Customer (****)     24/07/2008 05:13 PM
Hi TM,

I’ve heard nothing yet.


Response (TM)     25/07/2008 12:06 PM
Dear ****,

Thanks for keeping me updated. I have been informed by the account managers that the promoters are formulating a response and will be in contact on Monday. I am sorry this is later than i first mentioned.

I’d like to thank you for your patience and i have been assured they will contact you on Monday.

Many thanks

Customer (****)     25/07/2008 12:27 PM
Hi TM.

I’m not really sure that having the promoters “formulate a response” is going to appease me in any way whatsoever. If they’re “formulating a full refund” then let’s go with that, otherwise please forward details of your legal dept so I can carry on as planned and get a refund from ticketmaster.

Many thanks.


Response (TM)     25/07/2008 02:19 PM
Dear ****.

I am sincerely sorry for the delay in resolving this matter but the promoters have just agreed that we can refund the booking in full. I have actioned this for you so £200 is now credited back in your account. It may take a few days to show on your statements.

Any further questions feel free to contact us

“Scandaliser est un droit. Être scandalisé est un plaisir.” ― Pasolini, Pier Paolo


It cannot be left to the authorities alone to address the axis of evil – we need to be brave and mindful of safety at the same time.

Originally posted on It's All Downhill From Here:

jesuischarlie“It was a shocking thing to say and I knew it was a shocking thing to say. But no one has the right to live without being shocked. No one has the right to spend their life without being offended. Nobody has to read this book. Nobody has to pick it up. Nobody has to open it. And if you open it and read it, you don’t have to like it. And if you read it and you dislike it, you don’t have to remain silent about it. You can write to me, you can complain about it, you can write to the publisher, you can write to the papers, you can write your own book. You can do all those things, but there your rights stop. No one has the right to stop me writing this book. No one has the right to stop it being published, or sold…

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Canvas Prints Online Reviews

I had some bad prints come back from and they just were not at all interested in my complaint they were saying that the poor crops would have shown in the preview on their website – they were done just fine and all thorughly checked and a different company was able to do it correctly I shall share the link for those guys here when I get it.

I am sure that many people don’t have issues and some of the canvases were ok but 2 were really not good – one was acrlic too and on this thin material you cant blame the wrapping around the edges – which could give a canvas a different cropping effect.

In short if you are going to offer a fully automated system and have people pay expect to reimburse them if the product is not satisfactory. the Acrylic colours also were not good from this canvas print maker.

I was very angered by the comments too as they seemed to come to an office conclusion that I must be a bit senior or something. So what ? But I am not and do things right – I develop websites and I can say that it was the image that didnt work with the preview properly.

They offered me a slight discount not as much as the spam discounts they have been hitting me with regularly which was also insulting. I ordered many canvasses in the original order so they would have still made very good money and I would have re-ordered and recommended them if they had just done the right thing.

Avoid this company –  there are many out there and I can recommend a better one.

Aerial Photography and Mapping

Over the last decade there have been a number of developments in the precision and accessibility of satellite imagery. A number of internet firms including Google and Microsoft are able to offer public access to satellite images. Whilst this can be very useful and also very interesting, it does not mean that aerial photography is finished.

One of the reasons that aerial photography retains its popularity is due to its excellent resolution. With the advances in digital camera technology, aerial photography provides images of very high resolution whilst satellite resolution can be a bit limited by technology and also law. You might think that satellite images can be quite detailed but as yet, cannot compare with aerial imagery, which is approximately 5 times clearer. Satellite imagery resolution will improve as technology advances more detail will become apparent. This can be very useful in conservation areas where it can be difficult to gain access or where it would be preferred not to have humans go for fear of damaging delicate environmentsor ecosystems but where monitoring is necessary.

Another benefit of aerial photography over satellite imagery is the availability of images. Most commercial satellites are in orbit approximately 400 miles above sea level and circle the planet in a set pattern and retain a set speed. The satellite will pass over the same point on the planet once every 3 days. This means that it is not a very good method for capturing events particularly if there is cloud cover and if you think about it, the earth is covered in cloud approximately 60% of the time. Of course aerial photography is also subject to weather conditions however, if there is a break in the weather the plane can take off but can also fly below the cloud level and as such does not suffer the same limitations.

One of the limitations of satellite imagery is that the images are taken from above and although it is possible to take pictures from an oblique angle, it generally requires that the satellite camera has to be repositioned. This can be a costly and difficult manoeuvre and as such is only done when absolutely necessary. Aerial photography on the other hand is usually taken at an oblique angle and from one short flight, a number of images can be captured from different heights and from different sides. The time of day can be very influential as the sun will vary in strength and angle and also cast shadows.

There is no doubt that the technology for both satellite and aerial imagery will continue to evolve and develop. At the moment though, aerial photography remains a very useful tool if you require high resolution images from a variety of heights and angles.

Surfing spots in Cornwall

You don’t have to fly to California to truly understand the Beach Boys. You don’t have to adopt a twangy, hippy accent to understand surfing. You don’t have to leave the country. Britain is more than able to provide eager wave riders with some fantastic activities and opportunities. You may very well scoff but it’s true. Just get yourself down to Cornwall and find out.

For those in the know – Cornwall is a surfing mecca. Its positioning in the Atlantic Ocean provides it with some of the finest surfing conditions in Europe, say the experts at It’s got golden beaches, hundreds of miles of staggeringly beautiful coastal paths and a superbly diverse natural environment. What more could a budding surfer ask for?

Here’s a guide to the best surfing hotspots in Cornwall.


Whitsand is a great all rounder. It’s got easy bits, intermediate bits and bits that only the most experienced surfers should try. The beach itself is four miles long – it’s one of the longest in the region. At low tide the beach is a pleasant place to spend an afternoon. At high tide, it turns one of the most sought after surfing spots in Cornwall and it can get a little busy. Venture east for the biggest swells.

Lusty Glaze

Lusty Glaze is one of the safest surfing spots in Cornwall. If you’re not as confident in your skills as you’d like to be – try this beach. It’s privately owned and home to the Adventure Centre which offers a range of outdoor skills and lifeguard courses. For this reason, it can get very busy during summer. It’s a stunning piece of land though, being as it is located 200ft below a bank of dramatic Newquay cliffs, says


This beach is one of the lesser known surfing gems. It’s not as busy as Whitsand or Lusty Glaze, but it’s every bit as impressive. It is, again, one of the longest beaches in Cornwall – there’s never any worry about running out of surf at Gwithian beach. It’s generally quite a mild spot but it has been known to get turbulent. Inexperienced surfers are advised to talk to lifeguards before they dive in. Gwithian biggest swells are from the north and south.


Experts call Sennen beach a ‘surf indicator.’ There’s a well known phrase attached to it too – ‘if it’s flat at Sennen, it’s flat everywhere else.’ This is because Sennen seems to be one of the most accurate natural surf forecasters in Europe, say the experts at the Sennen Surf Centre. Waves are generally very manageable but can quickly become large and punchy.


If you’ve tried every other swell in Cornwall and have started to find things a little too easy – take a trip to Portheleven. This is the expert’s beach of choice. It is notoriously challenging and should only ever be undertaken by extremely experienced and skilled surfers. It is difficult and it is pulse pounding.

Where Can I Stay? 

There are hundreds of high quality holiday cottages available for rent in Cornwall. Due to its intense popularity with tourists, many of the central cornwall cottages are quite expensive to rent – especially in the height of summer. Choose a cottage that’s 15 or 20 minutes out of a town, however, and you’re likely to get a nice surprise. Most are luxuriously furnished and have their own private gardens. If you want to get a true taste of Cornwall, stay in a holiday cottage. You’ll be free to drip your sopping wet towels and your wetsuit across the bathroom floor without an angry hotel maid peering through the keyhole.

Furking and why do we need to do more of it.

YOLO – Your only live once is one of the more truthful things you will hear from the youth of today. So we spend so much of our lives at work you should really think about how much fun you have at work and consider taking up some fun working or furking for short.

There are a lot of websites out there that can help you get furking faster. Sites such as or allow individuals like you to say what you like to do. You just have to come up with something that people need or they may not furk with you as they will find it pointless.

One common problem is that females complain that males furk for just a short period of time. They get their goals completed and then move on before really exploring their projects full potential. Note that if you don’t please a client they may not rehire you and even though your having fun you will need to appreciate that its a two way street all the same. So you must keep it fun while at the same time pleasing your client(s).
With modern websites that cater to group furking you can get some 3 -4 or more way action going ! Often the more the merrier. Maybe someone is better at editorial and is into the detail while another pat of the team is into the detail. Indeed there is an app for that and if your poor but would still like to furk then kickstart offers a way that you can ask people to invest in return for gifts or even parts of the company. This is crowd fun-ding.

Say more of..
I am sorry Arlene I can’t come to the movies tonight I am furking with this Indian girl I met online she is very god at SEO.

I like new technology and love writing reviews and sharing my unboxings at where that is a serious fun working job ! Where I get paid for writing up to date cool stuff that I then share with my friends.

I am sick of my job I am going to quit and go furking for a living.

Gamerdj – just wanted to play battlefield 4 on his xbox for a living so he just loves to furk. At any moment in time somewhere in the world someone is furking , in Australia they furk upside down ! The USA unsurprisingly are the biggest furkers in the world and the rest of the world is trying to catch up as fast as they can. The Germans are quite a serious people and this is a barrier to really good furking though they say in opinion polls that they are really keen to have more fun. The Japanese just WORK and get their FUN at the end of the day after a hard long day. This is different this is furking at work. The French and Italians have started up that old pizza war – who invented it and now each claims to have invented furking.

Tax Concerns
The government are worried about the amount of unprotected furking going on they see work that is not guaranteed to be paid as unprotected but it’s clear to see that they are scared of not getting the tax as a result of the furking. If the government start to tax furkers the future may be unclear.

A lot of furking IS done in the home a lot by mothers. (you knew it was coming) Mother Furkers find it most convenient but furking while looking after your children is just plain wrong on many levels. Mother Furkers tend to do their own thing.

Available Furking in Your Area
Anyone into preaching religion and helping the locals in far flung places might consider the missionary furking position.

If you find that you like to draw chalk boards for pubs for fun then you might like the position in the pub called ‘the Ass’ it has been found to be readvertised this month yet again as many that try furkin up the ass not to their liking and if you are not having fun then there is just no point.

Say less of
I have never tried furking , but I think I should. Maybe try a bit of furking on the side so not to get in the way of my main work.

It has stopped being fun, no more furking going on now it’s all just work. At least I have time for my relationship now.

Legoland Vs Peppa Pig World


We took our 3 year old to Legoland Windsor at the weekend and I think we all left the day very tired and a bit jaded by the day. We arrived at around midday which was a bit later than we would have liked. We used Tesco vouchers via their clubcard website as this drastically reduces the ticket price 12:50 per person. Not only that but you must print your tickets and then self scan them – for the first and only time that day we went to the no queue straight in line ! A great must do thing.

What’s the problem with legoland ?

Mainly simply that the rides are all very short so you queue like 45 minutes on average for a ride or activity of about 5 minutes. So if you are there 5-6 hours you are likely to do just a few short lived rides that are dated. The learn to drive (under 5’s) helicopter ride, fairy tale brook boat ride – take a break for some food and visit the miniland (the best attraction where everything is made of lego) wander over to the atlantis wait for 15 minutes until you see the true length of the queue and bail as its getting too late and you have a long drive back. It isn’t made better when getting an ice cream takes half an hour. 3 – 40 year olds do not understand why we need to queue so much. Being short staffed is the main issue which is easy to solve if you really want to.

I was since it opened interested in visiting and people said it was great. But compare this to any modern alternative like peppa pig world by paultons and lego land is behind. They haven’t even kept it clean and this was by far and least the most surprising thing – the lego structures throughout the park are faded and dirty. I would have thought you could jet wash them to keep them a bit cleaner. That or simply rebuild – it’s clear that there is no new remodelling going on. Peppa pig world in contrast was clean and the rides felt a bit longer but the queues while not very small were quicker – to a point that we felt it acceptable. The biggest bonus for pepa pig world is that

Slightly grumbling having to breathe in the second hand smoke from the numerous smokers who ignore the no smoking requests that are not enforced. Sorry I am not about to pick a fight on my day off and out with my daughter close by. There is a designated area that some decent folk used.

A final annoyance is the 4 pounds car parking in a field 4 fields away from the park itself.

How can you enjoy the day more ? (please supply your tips as comments below)

Make sure you go on a day other than a bank holiday – it simply can’t cope with the lack of staff for busy periods like this.

Prepare your visit with a session of relaxing yoga beforehand

Make sure to shop at tescos and get the clubcard loyalty points – this is the only way to get in at a halfway sensible price.

If you can afford to spend even more then explore the QBot options which are supposed to let you jump the queue. However a complicated table of tarrifs and what you can jump isn’t helpful to my tired brain and it wasn’t a small fee.

One technique we saw was a couple that allowed their kids to queue alone knowing full well that they were not old enough to ride alone. Amazingly at the time the children made it to the front dad magically appeared and was amazed that the shorter than .9m old needed an adult. So in a well crafted and thought out way asked if they could go around to the front to ride with their kids as they didn’t want to queue again ! (you know you didn’t). It was clear to everyone what it was all about. I’m surprised there are not full blown punchups that occur regularly – perhaps they do. Certainly arguments are well incubated here. We don’t want you to not come just plan to not do it on a bank holiday.

This theme park is close enough to London for those with a yearly membership to come regularly and target your section like the duplo water activity. Then you might have a lot more fun. We tried hard and enjoyed momentary parts of the day especially when our daughter was trying to drive her electric car around the course and other moments where we found a quiet-ish corner of the park and reflected on a slice of the population of the U.K. Theme parks really do get you closer to contemporary human nature. Had we paid full price for tickets I would have been very angry alongside my slightly disappointed feeling. I was glad to have crossed it off the list and to have finally been to legoland so that next time some ‘everything is wondeful’ type at a dinner party raves about legoland I can have a dialogue with them. I would certainly say if you thought that was great you should try paultons park including the peppa pig world section.


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