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Tips for marketing your business successfully on Facebook


facebook-marketing-tipsIn order for you to successfully market your business on Facebook, you need to definitely understand its unique dynamics! What might work for other social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube, might not work for Facebook? You want tangible results for your business and here are some useful tips for marketing your business successfully on Facebook.

Do not be too pushy

Facebook is a fun social media platform that users go to for sharing pictures, staying in touch with others and following people and brands. Your content does not have to be over promotional. It needs to have a perfect blend of information and promotional content. Your business would certainly not benefit from going too aggressive on Facebook. So avoid posting more about your business and your services and keep the content catchy and relatable. Maybe something that strikes a chord with your audience’s pain points.

Set Clear Goals

Your strategy for marketing your business and your goals go hand in hand. So, set clear goals about how you want your sales to improve and how many conversions are you looking at. Based on these clearly defined goals, you can then design a strategy for marketing your business. For example, you can consider giving away some free coupons or codes that your audience can use to avail of your services.

You might be too busy to set up and create a campaign for facebook and your marketing resource is also stretched. At this point looking at 3rd party professional agencies such as Cambs Digital is a wise move for facebook advertising.

Post Regularly

Step one is to create an audience and the next step is to engage them. Therefore, to keep your users coming back to your page, you need to post on a regular basis. Fresh content in the form of pictures, videos, informative links and the like will keep your audience hooked to your business page. You can create a plan as to how often you should post and then build content beforehand to post it regularly. Scheduling posts is an amazing feature of Facebook that you can benefit from. Just get the content strategy right and you are good to go! Be careful with automation the quality goes down and so too will your credibility.

Nurture Relationships

It takes quite a while to build an audience on Facebook. But, once you identify your loyal customers, you should then thrive on building relationships with them. You can have some loyalty programs in place that can help you keep them around. Maybe offer some discounts and promo codes for your loyal customers. These conversions then recommend your services to others which results in bringing about great word of mouth promotions as well.

Use Facebook Insights

Understanding Facebook insights is a great way of gaining knowledge about your target audience. The more you know your audience, the better you can cater to them. This also potentially affects your marketing strategy. The location, age group and occupation of your audience will enable you to come up with better ways of connecting with them. When you refine your marketing strategies you will achieve better results in terms of increased sales and more number of conversions.

Thus, marketing your business on Facebook and Instagram needs best practices and you must do your groundwork before getting started. All the Best!


Influenster Vs Influencer

An important part of the modern digital marketing mix is influencer marketing. Influenster marketing is just a misspelling so let’s look at some influencers after we get done with an important distinction.


Types of Influencer

      There is a common kind of influencer marketing that looks at simply a number of genuine followers for an account such as instagram or youtube and a brand can quickly find engage with and sell promoted content within these channels. It might be veiled in some way as the platforms are often against some forms of reselling posts, but where humans and will in involved it happens! Common influencers might have a single narrow channel and have not yet developed their own websites or platforms. The brands are interested only in getting there at a campaign point in time. These can develop their channels into a platform and turn into entrepreneurial marketeers. An influencer might have to have 100k followers on a social media channel because the realisation or results come in that 100k kids following you don’t always amount to much!
      There are guys who have scaled to the dizzy heights of marketing and have massive teams and strategies in place to get bigger and better. You should deffo get on Tai’s list his emails are incredibly thought provoking.

Tai Lopez

From a difficult childhood Tai has emerged as a thought leader entrepreneur and global influencer.


His videos are amazingly compelling too.

Royalty Free Images of Fortnite

You can use these images of fortnite by linking back to https://style-review.com who kindly donated them.

Web Design Peterborough

If you are looking for a web designer or company that won’t break the bank then consider Cambs Digital. They are formed from freelancers working from home so you are getting all the quality and more than you would from an agency as they hire at lower cost. You are not paying for those fancy couches and lighting in high end buildings.



They are also local so you can meet and have a proper discussion about your web project. Calvin is the developer who will be designing and building your website he has 18 years in the industry and you get his technical knowledge for the site but also he is very good on SEO. That is how well your website can rank- appear in Google.

Tommy Arrested

I saw some of Tommy’s protests live in Yorkshire. Why the independent need to bring the far right so much into the discussion is far from an independent review. It’s a ridiculous piece of journalism. Tommy was appealing for example as to why there was not a single reporter at court for these heinous crimes against many very young girls in what was a massive bust up of a sex ring. He was there reporting peacefully asking questions. It disgusts me that he has been arrested and it sounds like they are now trumping up charges. He was not disturbing the peace. Do not make things a race thing where they do not need to be.

If he is far right it’s not my way but he has that right.

Who else in this nation is exposing these vile perverts? Not the independent it seems. Probably didn’t fancy the drive up to Yorkshire but when a big story is in London it’s too easy.

If you are a parent I’m not sure how you can be against what Tommy was saying matter of factly and peacefully. And how the hell he was arrested for it im lost.

I may have missed something.


Carp Fishing in France

Many Carp anglers in the UK are starting to think about a trip to France. Even 20 years ago there were tales of huge carp in France. Of course the best and most intrepid anglers started to venture out and find lakes to fish. Fast forward and there is a frenzy going on that sees many prolific waters fully booked out in every swim every week. This leaves you with a bit of a search on your hands! Fear not for we have a list of fishing websites that will help you find your perfect carp fishing holiday in France.

Websites For Carp Fishing Holidays In France

Carp Fishing World– The best newcomer already has 16 lakes organised for you to take a look at. With links direct to the lakes and fisheries and rules you can quickly find the right kind of lake on this website to save you time.

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