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There are a lot of islands in the Caribbean and they fall into 4 flavours mostly and then they are all of course unique. The 5 flavours in no particular order are English, French, Spanish, U.S. and Dutch.
If you were to pick 2 English islands you might take the Turks and Caicos and Antigua, 2 French- Guadeloupe and St Martin. US islands like the United States Virgin Islands or the dry Dutch ABC’s Aruba Bonaire and Curacao and the Latin countries who speak Spanish like Dominican Republic and Cuba.
That broad clarification is going to impact greatly your property buying decision. You will maybe already have some idea of a favourite island. Some represent great value as they may be deficient in infrastructure and have little tourism others are politically unique and we all watch Cuba intently. Others are too exclusive and expensive representing exclusivity like St Barts or the Turks and Caicos. Many islands have a great mix but there is one clear winner for me, Antigua. Buying property in Antigua is straightforward but it pays to have the experience of perhaps the best realtors on the island Luxury Property and Villas in Antigua. Make sure you call Antigua Estates! 

Caribbean Beachfront Property

Caribbean Beachfront Property

Oh to just cruise around on a boat the whole of the Caribbean, well for some they do for a while but many settle for an island.

Antigua Property

Antigua has a lot going for it. A stable government modelled on the British Westminster system. A tourism industry and the island infrastructure are being heavily invested in (New Antigua Airport and Port) while at the same time the growth is controlled and measured. There are no ugly developments. You can find property at the lower end (under $300k USD) and plots of land ready to home your dream home. The properties go all the way up into million-dollar luxury beachside and ocean view villas you might expect in a bond film. Antigua is also well served by airlines from Canada the USA and Europe.

Luxury Locations in Antigua

Galley Bay Heights- a top postcode!



If you are high end looking for a luxury villa then you might like to enquire about Galley Bay Heights where Giorgio Armani the Fashion Designer lives. Out looking westwards across the Caribbean turquoise sea there are luxury villas in this most exclusive of areas.
Take a look at Galley Bay Heights now >>

Pearns Point – a luxury peninsula

Located close to Jolly Harbour in the south west is Pearns Point a truly spectacular spear of land jutting into the turquoise and inviting waters of Antigua.

“The epitome of slow-paced luxury and a draw-card for the discreet, discerning and harbingers of taste, Pearns Point offers authentic Caribbean living infused with a distinctive British sensibility. Immersed in a bounty of nature, this exclusive sanctuary and retreat will inhabit a beautiful peninsula on Antigua’s west coast, notable for its breathtaking vistas across private white-sand beaches and turquoise waters to the islands of Montserrat, Redonda, St Kitts and Nevis. Quite simply, it is where unparalleled privacy, seclusion and seduction converge.

” – source

Pearns Point Video

Windward Estates

Located right in the heart of the English Harbour Area (A historic point of interest for Antigua and the West Indies) is Windward Estates. If you find pigeon beach then you are almost there. Development is in the early stages, beachfront property and ocean views and having the logistical benefit of being so close to English Harbour and Falmouth.

Construction In Windward Estates

Don’t discount Jolly Harbour – there are certainly million pound villas for sale here many on spectacular beachfront real estate! There is such a great vibe around the place with infrastructure such as tennis courts, golf and the marina of course. Property here can get as low as $250k USD for the decently sized finger villas like this Antigua Property.
Image sources credit : Antigua Estates Jolly Harbour Antigua

If you know where better than Antigua then please let me know in the comments, give life to this article about Caribbean property.


UAV or DRONES [Your Quick Guide]

The UAV`s stands for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. They are also named as Drone. These unmanned aerial vehicles have really revolutionized the fighter’s world. You must be familiar with the drones as they are not controlled by any human rather these are operated by the remote control system. It was invented in Austria to attack the Venice in 1849. According to the areas of application and their functionality, drones are classified intro different types. Some are used to target any place, some are used in cargo operation and research and development.

Here are few important Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that are commonly used by the world in the recent years. RQ-11 Raven is most used as compared to the other UAVs. It has been built more than the 19,000. Its weight is about the 4 pounds. It is mostly used as a spy to see around the corner. Its shape is like the airplane of the old time. The size of the RQ-11 shadow is almost equal to the size of the normal man. It has the ability to fly about 80 miles away from the controller and send the live video to its user of any place or battlefield. So it is mostly used to see that what is happening in the battlefield by sitting too far from the battlefield.

DJI Phantom is drone made by DJI that has the smartest camera to get the pictures of good quality of any area on your iPod or I Phone. It is very easy to fly this drone by just tapping your iPod. It is also capable of flying with more than the speed of 45MPH. It also has the ability to fly without the support of satellite almost 30 minutes. It also has the sensors which can detect that if something is coming in the way of this drone.

MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper are considered as one of the most iconic drones. They are invented many years ago. Their size is very large as compared to the other unmanned aerial vehicles as they are used to target any place by arms or bombs. The major difference between them is that the MQ-9 reaper is a little bit larger in size than the MQ-1 predator. The MQ-9 reaper also has the most powerful engine and can carry more weight on it.

The largest of all the UAV’s is RQ Global Hawk. The size of its wings is about 130 feet. It also has the weight of about 32,000 pounds. It has the ability to fly for the whole day continuously. It has the power to go to the height of 60,000 feet from the earth and take the clear images of places and can detect the moving objects.

The United States doesn’t use Aeryon Scout. Its size is much small and has the weight of about 3 pounds. It can fly for just 25 minutes in the air. It is used to see around the corners and controlled by touching the screen of the remote.

Cool expressions for summer

Please comment below to expand on these cool sayings for summer…

After all pooping is sometimes a break, get you phone out and do some of the following


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Texting while _ooping

Hope you can find some to share | Verve Credit Card Login

It can be hard to find your login for the secure verve credit card website so here it is.

Secure Login >> Click Here For Secure Login to Verve Credit Card As you can see the site is protected by the green padlock with no errors.

Other helpful info can be gained from the Continental Finance Landing Page here.

Access is available for members/cardholders  24 hours a day 7 days a week. This allows you to view your account and balance information, transaction details, and make online payments.

All of this can be done from your home computer or mobile devices. Verve Card Info Verve cardholders that have signed up for the online service can simply enter their login credentials (username and password) to access their account from the Verve Card Info login page. New cardholders or First-time users of the site will need to register their credit card and setup their online account via the Register Now part of the site.

Other Continental Finance Cards available here.

Vacations in the Cayman Islands

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A vacation to the Cayman Islands is a vacation that you will remember for a very long time to come. The group of three islands offer a wonderful Caribbean destination in which to unwind, relax, explore and have fun. Collectively, the three islands, which are Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, offer a diverse and exciting vacation destination for those who want to enjoy adventure, culture, history, excitement, relaxation, and action, all bound together with a fabulous Caribbean vibe.

When you head to a destination like the Cayman Islands, one of the things you want to be able to do is truly relax without the usual worries and concerns that you have to cope with on a day to day basis. One of the things that can create hassle for those heading off on their Cayman Islands adventure is the need to always carry cash, credit cards or traveller’s cheques around with them. This is something that you have to do in order to be able to buy your food and drink as well as pay for your entertainment. However, having to budget carefully on a day to day basis as well as worry about carrying cash and cards around can have a negative effect on your vacation.

One way to get around this is to opt for an all inclusive Cayman Islands vacation, which can prove far more convenient and trouble free as well as potentially saving you money over the course of your vacation. Although an all inclusive vacation will involve a higher upfront cost for your holiday, it means that you need far less spending money, so you will be able to offset the higher cost of the all inclusive vacation against the drop in the amount of spending money required.

There are many huge benefits to opting for an all inclusive Cayman Islands vacation rather than booking on a bed and breakfast or a room only basis. Some of the benefits you will be able to enjoy include:

  • Being able to enjoy the convenience of having all of your meals, snacks, drinks, and in some cases even entertainment included as part of your package, so you can relax, dine, enjoy refreshments and have fun on tap
  • The ability to avoid the worry and hassle of having to carry cash or cards around with your all the time in case you want a drink or a bite to eat. You can head to the pool and relax without having to keep tabs on your purse or wallet and without having to scrabble around for cash every time you want some refreshment
  • The chance to save money over the course of your vacation, as the cost of food and drink on holiday can be very high but yours will all be included in your all inclusive package price

Help our future generation Jeremy..

Sorry for the leading title Jeremy it seems to be the way things are done these days. I am hoping that you survive to lead the labour party and the government [he did at the time!].

That said because I want to say that’s why I am targeting you to help.

There are SMALL problems with the new CSA called the CMS the Child Maintenance Service. They are small preventable problems and require some small tweaks and little reform. I don’t think it’s all bad news and many agree it’s an improvement on the CSA – my word how bad could that have been.

One broken flow – there are others.

What happens is that for whatever reason (it’s not justifiable under the cover of motivating the father to pay) CMS switch payments from a mother or father from a privately arranged arrangement to what is called collect and pay. At this point the CMS arrange for auto arrears payments and also add on 20% to future payments. This leaves the paying parent with a problem that usually ends up with them getting legal advice. One is shocked to learn that often this is not a legal way to trump up charges against a father. That advice tells them if they pay they will not get it refunded and that the back pay is not legal as there is no legal juristiction on payments under private arrangements – although most fathers do pay did pay something and want to continue.
The result is often that payments are not made and here is the thing. Collect and pay is sold as being a service where the Parent with Care PWC doesn’t get paid as much if anything as before. And the usual response is leveraging the child as a way to try and enforce payment or plain spite to the father.

In effect the CMS is coming between mother and father in this scenario and making things much work and creating debt. There would be very few cases where this is effective and justifiable yet nothing is evaluated and the system continues to hurt society at the core – the family unit.

The Fix is simple.

  • Do not allow the PWC to auto switch the arrangement to Collect and Pay with no discussion. Of course if there are reasonable grounds then it should be looked at.
  • Stop the fear based rhetoric which has I think the wrong effect. Bad lads wont care about it and decent people end up getting legal advice at this stage. It sends up defensive shutters and damages the relationship between parents.
  • Reduce the 20% fee. Seriously leverage/use cloud payment systems if there are big admin costs in taking payments. We all know this is a lie however so we offer this cheaper solution to remove this argument in theory. The PWC doesn’t see any of this 20% and they themselves taking a 4% hit on their payments.

    Warn the PWC that Collect and Pay does not guarantee payment. If payment comes its -4%

  • Do not try and charge arrears if there is evidence the without care parent has been paying.

The tweaks need to recognise that whatever effects it has should not affect the movement of the child and the right of both parents to see the child.

Simple effective actionable steps for a better U.K. and more importantly people.

In the press horseracing and seo

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