Jolly Harbour Antigua

Jolly Harbour is a man made development that used to exist as swampland in the south east of the Caribbean island of Antigua. It was developed to take advantage of the natural stunning area with its low mountains and azure crystal inviting waters.

Jolly Harbour Vacation Villas


In the Marina where of course you have all the facilities for the yachties you get access to a supermarket bars and restaurants galore- here the lobster comes cheap and tasty. You can also play tennis, golf or swim in the communal pool. Some villas do have their own pool. Uniquely the luxury villas here have their own beachfront access.


Funny Great TV Interviews


I am not alone. I made this post because Microsoft are seemingly refusing to look at the issue with their chat.
I play battlefield 1 and it’s a big annoyance that I can’t chat to my squad. So this post will develop but here is a sample complaint and the whole thread.

“Cian Gallagher wrote:

I’ve had the same problem for well over a year now and I’ve tried everything to fix it but absolutely nothing works. I’ve gotten a new headset, adapter and even a new Xbox but still it doesn’t work and it’s so f***ing frustrating. No YT video helps and no comment on any sort of website helps either. Please please if you have had this problem and somehow managed to fix it please share it would be greatly appreciated by me and the little small group of other people who have had this problem. Microsoft don’t seem to care either about this fairly serious problem which is also worrying”

Please take a look at this microsoft!

CMS Complaints

Here is a list of emails in handy batch sizes so you send the same email but in smaller amounts. Make sure you copy your MP in and state clearly your complaint.

If you are an official looking at this page then please not that people coming here are made desperate for help and so we try and get a system to fight for our children. Despite having a notion that the CSA and CMS are helping, often the reverse is happening and one day I can see a retrospective damages day as evidence comes about that you have actually inadvertently separated parents from their children. Just because a ‘body’ is governmental does not mean that they are following the law.

The law takes the view that it is every child’s right to access each parent.

The List

Remington Beard Boss Review

Remington Beard Boss Review

This is the UK based model number MB4120 as in the US there are different models using the beard boss sub branding. Excellent name that!

The Remington Beard Boss is a great shaver. Style reviews tested a whole bunch and you can spend around $70 and still have the issue that is an under powered shaver. Well maybe they decided to just throw some disposable batteries in there and be done. Many need charging cables and we are getting annoyed at never finding one when you need it. So some product designers offer charging trays but they are not exactly portable so indeed the disposable battery could well be this shavers main selling point. But it isn’t the only one!

The trimmer features:

This has a naked (no comb spacer) shaver option to take all hair off- very handy for doing the neck line or no ‘haireas’!

An adjustable fixed comb. It is a negative to have separate pieces, the adjustable comb has a lock and when unlocked has a nice ergonomic click between settings allowing for the perfect trim length no matter who you are.

The power of the trimmer is very good. I have pretty thick hair and it takes it clean off.

Serrated cutting teeth, maybe this is the reason the shaver performs so well.

You can check it out on amazon here



I find product names funny- sometimes and try to catch the moment. This was a funny tea in a Madrid hotel room..


What’s up with Antigua? Sandals Closing!!!

Sandals Antigua Closing!

An excellent vlog on some inherent problems with Antigua from Eli Fuller- Resident and business man owner of tours such as the Antigua Adventure Tour and the only Antigua Eco Tour. I understand and agree with pretty much everything that he says here but it’s a good video because he talks about the risks of allowing complacency to creep in. Here what is wrong with Antigua is years of complaicancy. The tourist board is shockingly bad and the investment in Antigua over the years has been mostly from external private businessmen like Eli and the resorts themselves.

Wake up Antigua! Start to support your own best asset. Yes the beaches are amazing but they are no longer enough. Cuba, Dom Rep, St Lucia the list goes on…why is Antigua so much more expensive and in some cases not as good. Do you think people just need a beach? Did you buy your latest mobile phone without a camera, without a flashlight? Tourism moves on and you have to keep up.

Hey Asshole. Who is the asshole? The asshole in my opinion is the man or woman who keeps increasing the airport taxes (in the name of security) like we don’t notice. It certainly isn’t the guy you can see here but you puts the word asshole and a picture of a guy together and decided for a moment didn’t you!

Eli is responding to a lot of chatter about Sandals Grande closing in Antigua. This is a big deal it doesn’t appear to be for just refurbishment though no one is entirely clear on why it is either and that in an online world is dangerous. If you don’t say why the internet decides for you in opinion- FAKE NEWS hello! You need to come out spokesmen and be clear on why you are doing something.
In short Eli has a brilliant take on it and you should watch if you are interested in tourism not just Antigua tourism he speaks a lot of sense.

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