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Here is a list of emails in handy batch sizes so you send the same email but in smaller amounts. Make sure you copy your MP in and state clearly your complaint.

If you are an official looking at this page then please not that people coming here are made desperate for help and so we try and get a system to fight for our children. Despite having a notion that the CSA and CMS are helping, often the reverse is happening and one day I can see a retrospective damages day as evidence comes about that you have actually inadvertently separated parents from their children. Just because a ‘body’ is governmental does not mean that they are following the law.

The law takes the view that it is every child’s right to access each parent.

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Remington Beard Boss Review

Remington Beard Boss Review

This is the UK based model number MB4120 as in the US there are different models using the beard boss sub branding. Excellent name that!

The Remington Beard Boss is a great shaver. Style reviews tested a whole bunch and you can spend around $70 and still have the issue that is an under powered shaver. Well maybe they decided to just throw some disposable batteries in there and be done. Many need charging cables and we are getting annoyed at never finding one when you need it. So some product designers offer charging trays but they are not exactly portable so indeed the disposable battery could well be this shavers main selling point. But it isn’t the only one!

The trimmer features:

This has a naked (no comb spacer) shaver option to take all hair off- very handy for doing the neck line or no ‘haireas’!

An adjustable fixed comb. It is a negative to have separate pieces, the adjustable comb has a lock and when unlocked has a nice ergonomic click between settings allowing for the perfect trim length no matter who you are.

The power of the trimmer is very good. I have pretty thick hair and it takes it clean off.

Serrated cutting teeth, maybe this is the reason the shaver performs so well.

You can check it out on amazon here



I find product names funny- sometimes and try to catch the moment. This was a funny tea in a Madrid hotel room..


What’s up with Antigua? Sandals Closing!!!

Sandals Antigua Closing!

An excellent vlog on some inherent problems with Antigua from Eli Fuller- Resident and business man owner of tours such as the Antigua Adventure Tour and the only Antigua Eco Tour. I understand and agree with pretty much everything that he says here but it’s a good video because he talks about the risks of allowing complacency to creep in. Here what is wrong with Antigua is years of complaicancy. The tourist board is shockingly bad and the investment in Antigua over the years has been mostly from external private businessmen like Eli and the resorts themselves.

Wake up Antigua! Start to support your own best asset. Yes the beaches are amazing but they are no longer enough. Cuba, Dom Rep, St Lucia the list goes on…why is Antigua so much more expensive and in some cases not as good. Do you think people just need a beach? Did you buy your latest mobile phone without a camera, without a flashlight? Tourism moves on and you have to keep up.

Hey Asshole. Who is the asshole? The asshole in my opinion is the man or woman who keeps increasing the airport taxes (in the name of security) like we don’t notice. It certainly isn’t the guy you can see here but you puts the word asshole and a picture of a guy together and decided for a moment didn’t you!

Eli is responding to a lot of chatter about Sandals Grande closing in Antigua. This is a big deal it doesn’t appear to be for just refurbishment though no one is entirely clear on why it is either and that in an online world is dangerous. If you don’t say why the internet decides for you in opinion- FAKE NEWS hello! You need to come out spokesmen and be clear on why you are doing something.
In short Eli has a brilliant take on it and you should watch if you are interested in tourism not just Antigua tourism he speaks a lot of sense.

Bad toilet savoy tup london

Clean toilet but bad toilet.

Pineapple Beach Club | All Inclusive Adult Only Resort in Antigua

It’s worth mentioning this resort. If you are not a millionaire then if it were not for resorts like the Pineapple Beach Club then you might not bother with a trip to Antigua at all. All Inclusive allows you to control the spend and with a per person prices that are affordable the Pineapple is a great newly refurbed resort ideal for you.

Here are some reasons and more for you to enjoy on this location.

  • Free sports like tennis, hobie cat, kayaking etc
  • Adults Only
  • All Inclusive Drinks and Food – lock your wallet away and live off the wrist band!
  • Fantastic Beach
Long Bay in Antigua Home of Pineapple Beach Club

Long Bay in Antigua Home of Pineapple Beach Club

Click here to get Reviews from your favourite travel website. It more than often reviews very well. Some highlight the rooms can be a bit basic. In Antigua this is how affordable comes I am afraid. It’s not a cheap island.

Some of the finest powdery white sand in the Caribbean on the resident beach Long Bay

Map – Click here to arrange a low cost private transfer to pineapple resort.

Antigua Airport to Pineapple Beach Club

Antigua Airport to Pineapple Beach Club


Your Caribbean Property Dream | Luxury Antigua Property

There are a lot of islands in the Caribbean and they fall into 4 flavours mostly and then they are all of course unique. The 5 flavours in no particular order are English, French, Spanish, U.S. and Dutch.
If you were to pick 2 English islands you might take the Turks and Caicos and Antigua, 2 French- Guadeloupe and St Martin. US islands like the United States Virgin Islands or the dry Dutch ABC’s Aruba Bonaire and Curacao and the Latin countries who speak Spanish like Dominican Republic and Cuba.
That broad clarification is going to impact greatly your property buying decision. You will maybe already have some idea of a favourite island. Some represent great value as they may be deficient in infrastructure and have little tourism others are politically unique and we all watch Cuba intently. Others are too exclusive and expensive representing exclusivity like St Barts or the Turks and Caicos. Many islands have a great mix but there is one clear winner for me, Antigua. Buying property in Antigua is straightforward but it pays to have the experience of perhaps the best realtors on the island Luxury Property and Villas in Antigua. Make sure you call Antigua Estates! 

Caribbean Beachfront Property

Caribbean Beachfront Property

Oh to just cruise around on a boat the whole of the Caribbean, well for some they do for a while but many settle for an island.

Antigua Property

Antigua has a lot going for it. A stable government modelled on the British Westminster system. A tourism industry and the island infrastructure are being heavily invested in (New Antigua Airport and Port) while at the same time the growth is controlled and measured. There are no ugly developments. You can find property at the lower end (under $300k USD) and plots of land ready to home your dream home. The properties go all the way up into million-dollar luxury beachside and ocean view villas you might expect in a bond film. Antigua is also well served by airlines from Canada the USA and Europe.

Luxury Locations in Antigua

Galley Bay Heights- a top postcode!



If you are high end looking for a luxury villa then you might like to enquire about Galley Bay Heights where Giorgio Armani the Fashion Designer lives. Out looking westwards across the Caribbean turquoise sea there are luxury villas in this most exclusive of areas.
Take a look at Galley Bay Heights now >>

Pearns Point – a luxury peninsula

Located close to Jolly Harbour in the south west is Pearns Point a truly spectacular spear of land jutting into the turquoise and inviting waters of Antigua.

“The epitome of slow-paced luxury and a draw-card for the discreet, discerning and harbingers of taste, Pearns Point offers authentic Caribbean living infused with a distinctive British sensibility. Immersed in a bounty of nature, this exclusive sanctuary and retreat will inhabit a beautiful peninsula on Antigua’s west coast, notable for its breathtaking vistas across private white-sand beaches and turquoise waters to the islands of Montserrat, Redonda, St Kitts and Nevis. Quite simply, it is where unparalleled privacy, seclusion and seduction converge.

” – source

Pearns Point Video

Windward Estates

Located right in the heart of the English Harbour Area (A historic point of interest for Antigua and the West Indies) is Windward Estates. If you find pigeon beach then you are almost there. Development is in the early stages, beachfront property and ocean views and having the logistical benefit of being so close to English Harbour and Falmouth.

Construction In Windward Estates

Don’t discount Jolly Harbour – there are certainly million pound villas for sale here many on spectacular beachfront real estate! There is such a great vibe around the place with infrastructure such as tennis courts, golf and the marina of course. Property here can get as low as $250k USD for the decently sized finger villas like this Antigua Property.
Image sources credit : Antigua Estates Jolly Harbour Antigua

If you know where better than Antigua then please let me know in the comments, give life to this article about Caribbean property.

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