We need to have a supply of masks to help spread the disease whilst in a period of semi lockdown. Without having immunity we are achieving one sole purpose whilst in lockdown. That is reducing the initial influx of people into the ICU wards and Intensive care throughout the world not just the UK. I am a UK resident currently in lockdown. Here I present a little video:

The danger is is that lockdown is costly to the economy our mental health and achieves only that single benefit. Do not imagine that it is killing off the virus. If it mutates those who built an immunity will come back into the equation.
We are merely getting ourselves into a position to be able to battle the virus and achieve


R is the number that indicates the life or death or ‘rate of spread’ less than 1 and it is dying and continued state will achieve the end of the virus. R>1 indicates the virus is spreading and is living. Lockdown if you like is not going to be able to be less than 1 while we don’t fully lockdown. The fear is that coming out of lockdown R begins to rise back up.


Masks are needed to reduce the spread of this virus whilst we get back out and are slowly released from lockdown. We need not be ashamed of wearing them let’s build a culture of acceptance and working to help each other defeat this beast of a pandemic.


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