3 charges in and I am still enjoying the passive enjoyment I get from this toy. I am an older chap (45) who loves flight and the deeper understanding of what is going on under the hood. – What the hell is this dude going on about?

It’s that deeper understanding that is key. How do these things stay in the air let alone avoid obstacles and react to hand movements..it’s fascinating to ponder while this toy flies.


Sometimes the more relaxed trajectories are the most pleasant. I have had moments where it sticks to the ceiling as it is designed to react to a hand over it to go up! So it’s doing what it’s processor is told. At other times it flies fast in a straight line then stops before hitting the wall. Yes it avoids destruction. Which brings me on to point a) It’s robust. Well in its normal operation I don’t think crashing would break this toy. It has a cage made of plastic and it isn’t heavy. But if you trod on it I think it would break. Back to the flight at other times it flips. I don’t yet know how to make it flip though but it does on occasion and maybe that makes that manoeuvre more special.

The dog isn’t a fan but I can imagine another dog (a lab for example) loving it and eating it. It’s around the size of a squeezed grapefruit. The play time so far feels enough I think the stated 5-8 minutes feels right. It seems to charge with a red light on the USB end in 20-30 minutes which is cool. I can see this being a lot of fun for kids.

You Don’t Need An App Nor a Controller! Simples

I don’t know why but there is something nice because of the simplicity (you don’t need to control it) a single push switch turns it on and off press once and you get the blue faster mode which doesn’t seem more fast yet and loses control more. Maybe this mode woks for bigger spaces. I am testing in a small space so anyone with a modest flat would be able to enjoy it. You don’t need a big area by any means. I really recommend this as it’s fun and I think good value when we see the same amount of money going a lot shorter.


So I was thinking the battery was dead as on first operation you are encouraged to “on holding the UFO extend your hand then release your hand” no motors started no sign of life. I thought I needed to charge it. This was in my unboxing video here. So after shutting the video off I got brave and just held it out and rapidly let it and the ufo fall! Motors engage and it is a delight it just starts up and looks very ROBO COP- well in a way… it comes to life when you think it  might just be dead. That is somehow part of the fun. So I started to experiment with braver launching…flicking the drone out doesn’t work leading me to believe it is all about the gravity and feeling the drop. It needs it. So horizontal motion and a following less than level drop doesn’t engage the UFO. Have fun trying…it’s tough enough to just hit the deck.



So far 3 charges in I can thoroughly recommend this even paying 15-20 for it. For you a parent this will provide fun away from electronics. I would love to know if girls like it? I would make the assumption it’s a boys toy. Even if that’s the case this is going to be one of the big 2019 Christmas toys to get so order before they run out.