You must have considered buying AirPod clones and that is why you are here to ascertain whether they are worth buying. Since Apple launched its 1st generation AirPods in 2016, owning them became every music lover’s dream. AirPods are not all about music. It is about convenience and productive lifestyle too. But owing to their high price range, a wide range of audience cannot afford them.


Thanks, to Chinese manufacturers, their innovative AirPod clones can now give you almost original AirPod user-experience without having to spend a fortune. Yes, you heard it right. Fake AirPods can provide you with the same user experience as real Apple Airpods at a cheaper price.

Earlier, when AirPod clones were just on the rise, users were not much enthusiastic about the product. It was mainly because they could not rely on a product that had issues like slow connectivity and low battery life. But things have taken a different turn now with the introduction of the H1 Chip-set.

Here are some good reasons why you should opt for AirPod clones:

  • Affordability:

One of the obvious reasons to go for fake AirPods is the price factor. Instead of spending $150 or $200 on original AirPods, you can get AirPod clones for even below $20 and they will still serve your purpose.

If you look at the newest Apple AirPods 2019, it is just the previous iteration with a few upgrades like the wireless charging feature. And the company has taken a major leap in terms of price.

It will be smarter to spend $21.99 on the i60 TWS that offers wireless charging with integrated H1 Chip. AirPod clones bring innovation at a price tag that does not pinch your pockets.

  • Original Airpods Experience:

The newest replication of the AirPod clones lineup, the i30 TWS, i60 TWS, and the Super AirPods Clone all feature the new H1 Chipset. This feature enables even AirPod clones to offer users original AirPods experience.

  • Quick Connectivity:

The pairing process is really smooth just like the original pods. When you pop open the charging case, an animation appears on your iPhone. You will simply have to hit connect and you’re set.

Also, AirPod clones are compatible with any device and work from any platform from Android to iOS, if it supports Bluetooth.

Longer Battery Life:

Manufacturers are coming up with Airpod clones that feature longer battery life. AirPods such as the i12 TWS AirPods can allow you to use the device for up to 4 hours.

So what are the best current Airpod clones in the market to buy?

  • 1200 TWS:

The new 1200 TWS AirPods gives you the option of pop up window. You can pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device including Android, iPhone, Pc, and so on. The lightweight device comes with a smart sensor and its range is 20-30m.


  • i60 TWS:

It is one of the most affordable AirPod clones with a simple and powerful design. The small device uses an H1 chip that controls the popup screen. Apart from controlling music playback, volume, and song selection, it enables tasks like calling the voice assistant and answering calls without using the phone.


  • i100 TWS AirPods:

The i100 TWS AirPods features the same design and ergonomics as the original pods. It even offers the same level of Audio Quality. You will find three major improvements over the i30 TWS, i60 TWS, and i90 TWS. It has a better connectivity range of 150 foot, 2.5 hours of music playback, and better audio quality. Also, you will be able to see the battery levels of the AirPod and the charging bin independently on the popup animation.

  • i10 TWS:

Another great choice would be the i10 TWS that has been designed for functionality. It has a superior sound quality, touch control features, and supports wireless charging. Its transmission range is 10m and the device is made for Audiophiles. The only issue with the i10 TWS that users find is that only the right earplug has the microphone attached to it. But for the price it is tagged in, the AirPod is a great performer.

  • i13 TWS:

An improved version of i12 TWS, the i13 TWS has a better battery and its main feature is its touch control operation. You simply have to tap in order to increase the volume or change the song. The device features 3D super bass and has the same design as Apple AirPods. It is compatible with iPhone and Android.

AirPod Clones are Worth It

Earlier, users used to have a lot of issues concerning battery life, user experience, size, and connectivity when it comes to AirPod clones. But in recent times, manufacturers have successfully cloned the original AirPods. You don’t have to worry now about quick connectivity or battery life. Moreover, the buds on the AirPod clones can fit in the charging case of the original AirPods.

If you consider the price and the features, AirPod clones are equally good as the original Apple AirPods. You won’t regret buying them.