You might be here as you have some questions about House Snagging. Let’s Assume what they may be as we explore the most frequently asked questions about SNAGGING. We will make a further assumption that you already know what it is! We don’t want to be one of those padded out articles. Please support us in that by sharing this direct to the point and helpful article.


Is It Worth Paying a Professional Snagger?

A snagg survey can range from 300 to 600 british pounds according to which magazine. ref-

So for yourself you need to ask- do I have the time to learn how to find the snaggs and rent the equipment to find the snaggs? In short it’s worth including the cost of snagging into the overall purchase cost of a new home. If you have time and money is short then you can explore the idea.

Where can I find a snagging list?

Ok so your not listening to me! DIY fine it’s your time. There are some lists available online but none that is complete. So you need to collate your own from lists you find online.

When is the ideal time to get a snagging survey?

The ideal time is the window between the building work completion and your legal completion date. Contact to reserve your snagg. Just note you can still get a snagging report to your developers/builders before 2 years after the completion of the property but it’s best not to wait.

What are the most common snags?

Snaggs typically fall into either cosmetic or functional snags. An example being a door that catches some part of the frame. Poor finishing such as surfaces and corners form the biggest amount of snags- WHY? You house will have been rushed no doubt about it (sadly)- and the finish is what is hardest to get right quickly.

Don’t I have 10 years guarantee on my new build home in the UK?

Don’t confuse the 10 year NHBC New Build Guarantee with snags. That 10 year guarantee is for major defects and after 2 years there is no obligation to work on or fix snags. You have 2 years to get your snag list to your developer- so get snagging!

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