An important part of the modern digital marketing mix is influencer marketing. Influenster marketing is just a misspelling so let’s look at some influencers after we get done with an important distinction.


Types of Influencer

      There is a common kind of influencer marketing that looks at simply a number of genuine followers for an account such as instagram or youtube and a brand can quickly find engage with and sell promoted content within these channels. It might be veiled in some way as the platforms are often against some forms of reselling posts, but where humans and will in involved it happens! Common influencers might have a single narrow channel and have not yet developed their own websites or platforms. The brands are interested only in getting there at a campaign point in time. These can develop their channels into a platform and turn into entrepreneurial marketeers. An influencer might have to have 100k followers on a social media channel because the realisation or results come in that 100k kids following you don’t always amount to much!
      There are guys who have scaled to the dizzy heights of marketing and have massive teams and strategies in place to get bigger and better. You should deffo get on Tai’s list his emails are incredibly thought provoking.

Tai Lopez

From a difficult childhood Tai has emerged as a thought leader entrepreneur and global influencer.

His videos are amazingly compelling too.