I saw some of Tommy’s protests live in Yorkshire. Why the independent need to bring the far right so much into the discussion is far from an independent review. It’s a ridiculous piece of journalism. Tommy was appealing for example as to why there was not a single reporter at court for these heinous crimes against many very young girls in what was a massive bust up of a sex ring. He was there reporting peacefully asking questions. It disgusts me that he has been arrested and it sounds like they are now trumping up charges. He was not disturbing the peace. Do not make things a race thing where they do not need to be.

If he is far right it’s not my way but he has that right.

Who else in this nation is exposing these vile perverts? Not the independent it seems. Probably didn’t fancy the drive up to Yorkshire but when a big story is in London it’s too easy.

If you are a parent I’m not sure how you can be against what Tommy was saying matter of factly and peacefully. And how the hell he was arrested for it im lost.

I may have missed something.