If you have a website or a blog and want to get more visitors aka customers sometimes then read on.

We are not going to discuss all the options but here are 4 channels that will work in combinations and individually to some degree depending on factors such as the kind of product or service you offer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Paid Google Ads
Paid Facebook Advertising
Paid Instagram Advertising

That’s it guys. I said the advice was free not the methods. SEO will cost you in time to setup get a pro (harder said than done to find one!).



Don’t use the services of people on cheap platforms like fiverr. They don’t work and will actually end up costing you a clean up of backlinks. Oh while you are looking for backlink services on fiverr look at the services for removing links! You may need those if you BUY LINKS! Also the star reviews and ratings have to be given before you can check any results.

Do technical seo, make sure your site has the following
No broken links
No missing images
Friendly looking short url’s such as https://taps.com/products/taps or https://landed.at/australasia/new-zealand
Get https and redirect http traffic to https
Make sure your site is responsive and is mobile first

Google Paid Ads

“A good customer costs as much as a bad one!”

When you do keyword research you will discover what people are searching for with volume. LSI Keywords will also surface if you are using general matching in the ad setup which is the default. This can be costly to do so if you are on a budget you can make sure to do the following:

Start low, few keywords low daily spend and low max cost per click. Yes you will not get much in terms of customers but early on you are learning. Once you get a feel for things you can punch out across Ads and try to get some niches going that you can rank top in the Ad spots for less money. As with all the PAID advertising you will need to do this learning and it can also be seasonal. You will need a loop. Feedback your findings into tuning your ads the copy and the spend. It costs as much to get a good customer as a bad one!

Facebook Advertising


If you have something that is more impulsive such as yoga pants or an inflatable flying shark that no one is going to search for in search engines then you need to go where people are. The stats prove it and you already know that people spend so much time on the facebook platform. More than this it is the ability to target the type of facebook user you are looking for. You want to advertise your yoga pants to people who are into yoga. Having that ability is a powerful start. But having more than an image and some good copy is still in order. A good landing page will get you orders providing your funnel is correctly functioning and you have a great UX on your shopping cart.

Instagram Advertising

Similar in reason to facebook, instagram offers some interesting options. It is good for brands and is a very visual app so your ad needs to be top notch to compete with this visually strong platform. Suggested Ad types include a story telling carousel and story types.


There is little way round it since google dominate the search market and started to offer fewer above the fold spaces for organic ‘free’ results that old SEO only approach is something you should be careful of. Yes SEO will help with the google paid adverts and you should be doing SEO. But you also need a budget for other online digital channels such as these.

Other digital marketing strategies for you to enjoy

Email Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing including Youtube

Voice search (Alexa Google Home)

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