Antigua is the perfect Caribbean holiday destination and no holiday is complete without exciting trips of sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling or simply enjoying the beach. It becomes difficult to choose from the huge choice of tours and excursions available in Antigua. One always wants to try all of these exciting tours but don’t have enough time. Here are some of the most famous and most adventurous tours for you to try in Antigua.

All Antigua Tours

The tours range from snorkelling and kayaking trips, motorbiking, sailing, yacht charters, eco tours, bus tours, sports fishing and much more. You can discover Antigua in your own way by going on any of the tours you like. You can spend your holiday in Antigua sunbathing and relaxing on the beach or taking a motorboat tour around the island or simply enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters of Antigua kayaking.

  1. Shirley Heights Lookout Tour

    Shirley Heights is one of the best lookout points on Antigua to watch the beautiful sun melting into the blue waters of Antigua. Shirley Heights was named after the former governor of Antigua, Sir Thomas Shirley. It is the best point on the island to soak the beautiful bird-eye view of the island and see the English Harbor, Galleon Beach, and a beautiful sunset. You can take this tour to dance, enjoy and have a delicious meal atop Shirley Heights.

  2. Antigua Round Island Tour

    You can get to see all the famous attracting on Antigua in this round island tour. During this 3.5 hours tour, you will be visiting the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. It is a colonial-era British naval base where you can admire the luxurious yachts lining its marina. You can see the famous English Harbour and the stunning view of the ocean. Roam around the art galleries and the colonial era structures like the Copper and Lumber Store, Admiral’s Inn, Harbor shore and the Sailmakers Loft. After that head to Blockhouse ruins to soak up the beauty of miles and miles of Indian Creek and the Atlantic Ocean.

  3. Sailing and Snorkeling Tour

    If you are a sea lover, then this tour is for you. You can get a 6-hour sailing and snorkelling trip around the island in the blue waters. The trip will start from you getting on board and heading towards the southern coast to view the beautiful white beaches of Antigua. You will be stopping at the island’s largest reef, the Cades Reef and jump in to snorkel and see the magical underworld. You will be able to see schools of bright coloured fishes, soft corals and other sea creatures. When you get back up on the boat, your barbeque will be ready for you to enjoy. Then you will head to Antigua’s secluded bays where you can enjoy sunbathing, relaxing on the white sand beaches, swim in the calm waters or simply walk along the length of the beach. After your relaxing hour, you will head back to cruise port while dancing on Caribbean Rhythms and enjoying drinks from the open dance bar.

  4. Snorkeling and Kayaking Bird Island Adventure Tour

    You can book a tour to enjoy kayaking, snorkelling and sightseeing the crystal-clear waters of the bird island in just one day. You will depart from your hotel and ride through the beautiful countryside of Antigua with a local guide to tell you about all the stories and history of the island. Then you will get on board to sail through the crystal clear waters to get to the Bird Island. Enjoy a delicious barbeque lunch there before heading into the water for kayaking. The Water is crystal clear and ample of light penetrates the water, so you can easily see the underworld and take amazing photographs underwater. Snorkel and kayaking all you like and enjoy the crystal-clear waters.

  5. Island Safari and Stingray Tour

    If you are an animal lover, you will love this island safari tour. You will be spotting wildlife and explore exotic plants of the island in a Land Rover Defender. Riding through the rugged roads of Antigua and exploring the wilderness. After this fascinating island safari, you will be heading towards the Stingray City. Here on the Barge Reef, you can feed and swim with Stingrays. After your refreshing experience with the stingrays, clean yourself with a shower and enjoy a delicious lunch.

  6. Cades Reef Snorkeling

    If you love snorkelling, the best way is to go on a 6-hour cruise to Cades Reef. On this 2mile long Reef, you can see the beautiful moray eels, barracudas, corals, stingrays, seahorses, angelfishes and many more sea creatures while snorkelling the length of the Reef. The waters are warm ( 80 degrees Fahrenheit) and just about right to drift along the beautiful Cades Reef.

  7. Antigua Island Tour

    If you want to see the unexplored portions of the island, this tour is for you. You will be picked up from St. John’s and travel to Dow’s Hill. Here you can get the bird-eye view of the Falmouth Harbor, English Harbor, and Resident yacht lining the harbour and Montserrat’s active volcano if the weather is clear. After taking in the breath-taking view, you will be heading to the Island’s National Parks to explore the wilderness and history of Antigua. You will enjoy the Fig Tree Drive, the rain forests of Antigua and the white sand beaches of the southern coast of Antigua. You can enjoy sunbathing on the Turner beach, enjoy a swim in the ocean and have a delicious lunch.

  8. St. John’s Sightseeing Tour

    Explore the urban charm of St. John’s in this 3-hour sightseeing tour. You will be exploring the famous spots of the city like the Heritage Quay, the town centre, the Vegetable Market and the St John’s Cathedral. You can shop to your heart’s wish and browse through a wide variety of locally made items, designer items, jewellery, t-shirts, woven good and much more.

You can explore Antigua in any way you like, whether on road or by a cruise ship. Just remember to have fun and explore the unique Caribbean island to the fullest.