I am not alone. I made this post because Microsoft are seemingly refusing to look at the issue with their chat.
I play battlefield 1 and it’s a big annoyance that I can’t chat to my squad. So this post will develop but here is a sample complaint and the whole thread.

“Cian Gallagher wrote:

I’ve had the same problem for well over a year now and I’ve tried everything to fix it but absolutely nothing works. I’ve gotten a new headset, adapter and even a new Xbox but still it doesn’t work and it’s so f***ing frustrating. No YT video helps and no comment on any sort of website helps either. Please please if you have had this problem and somehow managed to fix it please share it would be greatly appreciated by me and the little small group of other people who have had this problem. Microsoft don’t seem to care either about this fairly serious problem which is also worrying”

Please take a look at this microsoft!