Sandals Antigua Closing!

An excellent vlog on some inherent problems with Antigua from Eli Fuller- Resident and business man owner of tours such as the Antigua Adventure Tour and the only Antigua Eco Tour. I understand and agree with pretty much everything that he says here but it’s a good video because he talks about the risks of allowing complacency to creep in. Here what is wrong with Antigua is years of complaicancy. The tourist board is shockingly bad and the investment in Antigua over the years has been mostly from external private businessmen like Eli and the resorts themselves.

Wake up Antigua! Start to support your own best asset. Yes the beaches are amazing but they are no longer enough. Cuba, Dom Rep, St Lucia the list goes on…why is Antigua so much more expensive and in some cases not as good. Do you think people just need a beach? Did you buy your latest mobile phone without a camera, without a flashlight? Tourism moves on and you have to keep up.

Hey Asshole. Who is the asshole? The asshole in my opinion is the man or woman who keeps increasing the airport taxes (in the name of security) like we don’t notice. It certainly isn’t the guy you can see here but you puts the word asshole and a picture of a guy together and decided for a moment didn’t you!

Eli is responding to a lot of chatter about Sandals Grande closing in Antigua. This is a big deal it doesn’t appear to be for just refurbishment though no one is entirely clear on why it is either and that in an online world is dangerous. If you don’t say why the internet decides for you in opinion- FAKE NEWS hello! You need to come out spokesmen and be clear on why you are doing something.
In short Eli has a brilliant take on it and you should watch if you are interested in tourism not just Antigua tourism he speaks a lot of sense.