The UAV`s stands for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. They are also named as Drone. These unmanned aerial vehicles have really revolutionized the fighter’s world. You must be familiar with the drones as they are not controlled by any human rather these are operated by the remote control system. It was invented in Austria to attack the Venice in 1849. According to the areas of application and their functionality, drones are classified intro different types. Some are used to target any place, some are used in cargo operation and research and development.

Here are few important Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that are commonly used by the world in the recent years. RQ-11 Raven is most used as compared to the other UAVs. It has been built more than the 19,000. Its weight is about the 4 pounds. It is mostly used as a spy to see around the corner. Its shape is like the airplane of the old time. The size of the RQ-11 shadow is almost equal to the size of the normal man. It has the ability to fly about 80 miles away from the controller and send the live video to its user of any place or battlefield. So it is mostly used to see that what is happening in the battlefield by sitting too far from the battlefield.

DJI Phantom is drone made by DJI that has the smartest camera to get the pictures of good quality of any area on your iPod or I Phone. It is very easy to fly this drone by just tapping your iPod. It is also capable of flying with more than the speed of 45MPH. It also has the ability to fly without the support of satellite almost 30 minutes. It also has the sensors which can detect that if something is coming in the way of this drone.

MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper are considered as one of the most iconic drones. They are invented many years ago. Their size is very large as compared to the other unmanned aerial vehicles as they are used to target any place by arms or bombs. The major difference between them is that the MQ-9 reaper is a little bit larger in size than the MQ-1 predator. The MQ-9 reaper also has the most powerful engine and can carry more weight on it.

The largest of all the UAV’s is RQ Global Hawk. The size of its wings is about 130 feet. It also has the weight of about 32,000 pounds. It has the ability to fly for the whole day continuously. It has the power to go to the height of 60,000 feet from the earth and take the clear images of places and can detect the moving objects.

The United States doesn’t use Aeryon Scout. Its size is much small and has the weight of about 3 pounds. It can fly for just 25 minutes in the air. It is used to see around the corners and controlled by touching the screen of the remote.