I have seen a lot of high ranking articles that are scattered around the web on websites I have never seen before and so those ones I can imagine are commissioned to make these websites stand out. Or can someone please explain it to me ?


I visit the article and read it and go hmmm what is this site and mostly just leave as the site didnt interest me because it had nothing to do with the topic that I am looking at. So thats a bounce (Someone arrives at your website and leaves) and this is a very bad signal these days one that google is looking at – dwell time. You need to get rid of poor quality or irrelevant articles to improve your bounce rate if you are interested in higher ranking. But that’s another matter for cambridge SEO.

Anyway other site aside it does make a lot of sense to pick a big site like Linkedin to host your articles on. Especially if you are a professional in your subject and want to standout.

Here is a an article on Modern Marketing Techniques on Linkedin notice how the author is positioned and you get to see right there and then what this chap or chapess can do. It’s an impressive editor as well. You can embed videos – he chose one from youtube to show what a good viral video is and one a funny cat video.

So that is a platform specific thing that facebook cannot do ! Linkedin finally interesting me more than than what it started to do with endless silly big up your friends and colleagues. I advise you to only publish your best stuff here though and there is the trick I think – you are less likely to get a ton of articles just spammed up there cause right there and then you are going to show what you do best !