Maybe you get SMS alerts from twitter and Facebook and why not they are free to receive but imagine you go roaming and they come in – you get charged !

Ok so many of us anyway turn roaming off or bolt on a roaming deal so that we don’t get some shocking roaming data bill !

Imagine our surprise. While travelling in Antigua when we turned off every option so that the phone has only wifi. The surprise was that texts and calls were coming through.

In Antigua wifi is readily available and you can get away with apps that convert messaging to come through in wifi format thus not incurring charges for you.

Curiously we searched and thought how this could be happening as we lost money at random as innocent SMS messages were arriving.

Is it this screen which hangs ?

We are communicating with @applesupport to try to understand what is happening.

[EDIT – hardly a convincing reply from their support] So you need to contact your carrier as well !]


I would say that this needs mentioning before you get your suprise bill ?

Well I’m in my 40’s and young people that make all these calls think differently to me and my gen.

Off should mean Off.

Lets have a chat with my carrier o2 and see what they be continued