One buys  laptop from Littlewoods made by Lenovo. The laptop seems to be decent but has some very critical flaws that take a little time to be discovered as faults.

Often people don’t have the technical knowhow to know if something they have bought is faulty. It can take a little time.

The retailer in this case needs to take more responsibility. They simply passed the query via very expensive phone calls (picture coming) to lenovo support in India. These guys don’t really care at all and will placate you frustrate you and carefully take the mickey out of you !

Lenovo Technical Support Contact Number is expensive

Lenovo really should see what BRAND DAMAGE these guys cause.

So ask yourself if you want to take the risk over and above a retailer with a GOOD REPUTATION like amazon.

On some FEW occasions (yes a lot of time was also lost) some decent people seemed to be interested in helping after all you buy a new laptop and dont expect it to malfunction and expect that it should be fixed or replaced.

Why should the consumer pay to contact Littlewoods or Lenovo (OR ANY RETAILER) if the fault is from their product ?
As a big corporation the need for them to keep their brand integrity gets lost. But not forever, but in the meantime you lose as their inadequate support fails you.