At some point during 2016 businesses that sold items online got the message that people loved feeling confident by a product’s reviews.

fashion-websiteIn marketing this is known as a behavioural part of a shoppers profile. Profiling is done on a market segment to work out a most likely customer for a product.

The 80 / 20 rule is interesting it states that or can be applied in the way 80 percent of your business comes from 20% of your customers.This is Paretos rule anyway I digress. If we can get more customers its better obviously and reviews help close the sale. In online terms this is called conversion. If I am seeing that 30 people have tested a product and they say its pretty good then I get a good indication and feel good about placing my order. Its like a good bartender has a happy hour and even if not tries desperately hard to have at least a few customers as customers give other customers reason to try the bar.

Amazon probably the best example of this selling on the back of reviews. As of today you can find groups on Facebook that have a sole purpose of getting people to review their products on amazon and in return they offer big discounts.

Amazon have started to see what is going on and now the reviewer is required to tell the reader that they are a sponsored reviewer. As you can imagine getting a product with a big discount skews the reviewers real feelings.

Be very careful these days with reviews. You should check to see if there are products with videos. These people have taken more time to give a review and while I still see some video reviews that are biased because they have been given a sample for free its a better indicator. And many video loggers let slip some info. 

Be wary of the sycophant everything is amazing for them and their reviews are meaningless.

Look for those who review middle of the line and were not all praise – lets face it what product is amazing and deserves 5, stars what is perfect you ?


So why do some reviewers rise to the top of google with their youtube product reviews ? There are platforms for the wise like Style Review where you can embed your product review.