I need to start blogging my experience and firstly I need to start to make those with some degree of power aware of some things. This may not be that effective but like a lot of parents I find myself in need to vent my frustrations somewhere. This ‘Service’ is really quite shocking. It also is not a man vs woman thing – many mothers are also left asking whats the point with this service as they cannot force bad lads to pay support. Instead they miscalculate and trump up collection fees for those who do pay directly but have their partners complain. Without checking evidence properly the weight of the law is brought to you in text format at 8 in the morning..pay or we will send the debt collection round and you will have to appear in court..I kid you not, these guys are not nice people. They shoot first and ask questions later. This smells like a nasty way of the world I thought we had banished especially in this country.
Well this is the start of a tough period for me as I try and pay for my daughter to grow up.

Here is the letter to my local MP to see what his office have to say on the matter..

stephen barclay

Letter to Local MP North East Cambridgeshire Stephen Barclay