Excel Motors Eye Peterborough Review

What happens when you are not great because you are not great and people review the poor experience they had? It’s easier to rename your car company. So now this outfit is called Excell Motors and the reviews on Auto Trader are clearly fake. So why not decide for yourself if this is a good place to buy from?

They have reinvented themselves again by renaming the company yet again! So would you trust them? Get Smart Carz is now renamed Excel Motors.

It has taken a lot of effort and loss to report the awful now named Get Smart Carz outfit 1 crowland road just outside peterborough on the a47 near eye.

They have completely changed branding to escape responsibilities. When asked the very same sales guy or manager said its not the same company repeatedly stone walling. this is what will happen if you deal with them and need them to honour anything. Our example cannot be the only one they were trying to escape from.

Here is the SAME company and the review of them. Suffice to say they have not changed staff nor stock nothing but the sign – so its the same guys. Be warned and find your car elsewhere.

Another trick the old company did was always say they were cash only as their machine was not working but its another sign that the company structure was not good. So just how bad does it get that you need to rebrand ?

It seems Gsmart cars is not in good shape legally :

“Get smart carz it sees won’t be there for long they have now issues with their standing with companies house.”
So this is the previous registrant director. Ali worked for a47 cars. It may not be possible to go after a47 cars through a silly legal loophole but you can go after the company that screwed you over.