The company is trying to shed its awful online reviews by changing its name to get smart carz. 

Get  smart carz review 

Not to be confused with the scrap metal cars operation of a similar name. These guys are close to the mc donalds and the motel – where they actually use the car parking to hold cars in transit I imagine to the annoyance of those businesses who pay for those parking spots.

Review of a47 cars in Eye – Peterborough

We test drove a car and found there to be a faulty rear parking sensor and a missing locking nut. Both of these items were promised to be rectified and noted on the recipt which can be classed as a legal document as can an email or even written on the back of a napkin ! Any paper work can be taken into account of a promise or evidence of an agreement. If it were just verbal then we had that and both myself and partner were witness to that.
Apparently the locking nut was in action (on its way) from a main saab dealer. As of this point in time this appears to be a lie. 3 weeks later no sign and no word from a47 cars – they are hard to reach many excuses and some numbers simply blocked us from calling. The parking sensor was supposed to be covered in the warranty, he enquired or so he said to the warranty company and they said it would be covered. We took the car and paid under these regular agreements made in good faith and we didnt have much reason to think that they would not want to protect their reputation. We had it in writing as well that if the parking sensor was not covered by the warranty then they would do the work. So we will keep you posted on the story as it unfolds if you click subscribe.

If it turns out that they do the work it will be because we hounded them and have had to take some legal action the small claims court is now more practcal for such disputes. You can find out more about that here.

In conclusion currently I cannot recommend them as a vehicle supplier. If they do turn around and make good that will be made clear in this review.

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