I had a lot of trouble uninstalling go to meeting on my mac.
I even went through to their customer support and got a helpful german chap on the line. That was after having an aemrican guy who promptly dropped my call after I had been through about 4-5 keypresses in their telephone menu. The number for their tech support is 08004049279.

yes its fair to say that I was getting annoyed by this app.

It worked great for the webinar but I was left wondering why I couldn’t just see this through a browser. Why are the viewers expected to install this ?

So how to uninstall from a mac the gotomeeting from citrix ?

The normal way to uninstall something from a mac is to go to the applications folder using finder and drag the icon of the app to the trash. Then empty the trash.

This was not working it kept appearing. I read that you need to go into preferences of gotomeeting which in itself is annoying but try not to login as you don’t need to but they really try to force you to…try immediately clicking the top menu at the top of your screen.

then preferences and find the automatic updates check box and disable that.

BUT for me this didn’t work hence why I resorted to calling their support.

I had to in the end search my mac for the ‘gotomeeting’ files and drag them to the trash.

Hope this helps and if it does then comment on your findings please.