I have had some free time recently and found an issue when I decided to clear my phone (and iphone 4) of many photos that I had dared not delete. I now have a backup on my mac of these photos and also in dropbox but I am not using apple cloud at least not yet.

icloud not backing up is another story many people find out too late !

So what seems to have happened is that apple switched from iPhotos to Photos and generally I prefer the new program for viewing and managing the photos. In the same fashion there is a library package file that all the photos get imported into. However like many I disocvered that on trying to play back the videos you get an error that the videos can’t be located however you see a beautiful thumbnail NOT alerting you to the issue. I had no warnings or any reason to suspect the videos had not migrated properly. And thats the issue.
So I am looking through my iphone and scrolling at the same time checking that my photos are on the mac hard drive and then safely deleting them- however I have now lost the videos since the thumns are not actual videos ! Luckily I am able to go back in time to the time before the iphotos and find the NON migrated iphotos library file in the OLD pictures folder – I restored that to the desktop and the videos are luckily still there.

But many of you may not try the videos and assume that they are there and working…I hope this helps stop you loosing precious moments you took with your phone. Please share this mini tip as it will be a big issue I am sure. Anyone wishing to get help please simply comment below.

These guys found the same issue..

I apologise for a lack of images initially at least.