I had some bad prints come back from my-picture.co.uk and they just were not at all interested in my complaint they were saying that the poor crops would have shown in the preview on their website – they were done just fine and all thorughly checked and a different company was able to do it correctly I shall share the link for those guys here when I get it.

I am sure that many people don’t have issues and some of the canvases were ok but 2 were really not good – one was acrlic too and on this thin material you cant blame the wrapping around the edges – which could give a canvas a different cropping effect.

In short if you are going to offer a fully automated system and have people pay expect to reimburse them if the product is not satisfactory. the Acrylic colours also were not good from this canvas print maker.

I was very angered by the comments too as they seemed to come to an office conclusion that I must be a bit senior or something. So what ? But I am not and do things right – I develop websites and I can say that it was the image that didnt work with the preview properly.

They offered me a slight discount not as much as the spam discounts they have been hitting me with regularly which was also insulting. I ordered many canvasses in the original order so they would have still made very good money and I would have re-ordered and recommended them if they had just done the right thing.

Avoid this company my-picture.co.uk –  there are many out there and I can recommend a better one.