YOLO – Your only live once is one of the more truthful things you will hear from the youth of today. So we spend so much of our lives at work you should really think about how much fun you have at work and consider taking up some fun working or furking for short.

There are a lot of websites out there that can help you get furking faster. Sites such as payperhour.com or freelancer.net allow individuals like you to say what you like to do. You just have to come up with something that people need or they may not furk with you as they will find it pointless.

One common problem is that females complain that males furk for just a short period of time. They get their goals completed and then move on before really exploring their projects full potential. Note that if you don’t please a client they may not rehire you and even though your having fun you will need to appreciate that its a two way street all the same. So you must keep it fun while at the same time pleasing your client(s).
With modern websites that cater to group furking you can get some 3 -4 or more way action going ! Often the more the merrier. Maybe someone is better at editorial and is into the detail while another pat of the team is into the detail. Indeed there is an app for that and if your poor but would still like to furk then kickstart offers a way that you can ask people to invest in return for gifts or even parts of the company. This is crowd fun-ding.

Say more of..
I am sorry Arlene I can’t come to the movies tonight I am furking with this Indian girl I met online she is very god at SEO.

I like new technology and love writing reviews and sharing my unboxings at http://style-review.com where that is a serious fun working job ! Where I get paid for writing up to date cool stuff that I then share with my friends.

I am sick of my job I am going to quit and go furking for a living.

Gamerdj – just wanted to play battlefield 4 on his xbox for a living so he just loves to furk. At any moment in time somewhere in the world someone is furking , in Australia they furk upside down ! The USA unsurprisingly are the biggest furkers in the world and the rest of the world is trying to catch up as fast as they can. The Germans are quite a serious people and this is a barrier to really good furking though they say in opinion polls that they are really keen to have more fun. The Japanese just WORK and get their FUN at the end of the day after a hard long day. This is different this is furking at work. The French and Italians have started up that old pizza war – who invented it and now each claims to have invented furking.

Tax Concerns
The government are worried about the amount of unprotected furking going on they see work that is not guaranteed to be paid as unprotected but it’s clear to see that they are scared of not getting the tax as a result of the furking. If the government start to tax furkers the future may be unclear.

A lot of furking IS done in the home a lot by mothers. (you knew it was coming) Mother Furkers find it most convenient but furking while looking after your children is just plain wrong on many levels. Mother Furkers tend to do their own thing.

Available Furking in Your Area
Anyone into preaching religion and helping the locals in far flung places might consider the missionary furking position.

If you find that you like to draw chalk boards for pubs for fun then you might like the position in the pub called ‘the Ass’ it has been found to be readvertised this month yet again as many that try furkin up the ass not to their liking and if you are not having fun then there is just no point.

Say less of
I have never tried furking , but I think I should. Maybe try a bit of furking on the side so not to get in the way of my main work.

It has stopped being fun, no more furking going on now it’s all just work. At least I have time for my relationship now.