I think it’s great that it is non PC to ask the age of a candidate prior to whatever however I am getting the feeling that I have missed a couple of roles due to age. I’m not yet done by a long way for the record I’m 41. My main gripe is that it is costing me on train fares and getting to interview. Had these people known I was 41 maybe their ageism might already save me time and money. To be fair they are so young (I’m really not jealous of being that age in todays world I had my youth and did all I wanted I was lucky – very lucky) some of the interviewers that they might not even realise that they are doing it subconsciously.

At the end of the day I am 41 and that fact is going to be established at interview I would prefer to know earlier if that is going to be an issue all else being equal.

I think it might be a good topic of discussion, I would like to hear your thoughts. And if I never get an interview again then we might be able to surmise something.