Après Ski and Nightlife in Val D’isere (Thank god for the Folie Douce)

From the perspective of an older person between the ages of 25 and 50 I would say that apart from the Folie Douce up on the slopes (which is a saving grace) it feels pretty poor. All week I have seen and heard the young party hard and I think its great for the young reveller below 25. But for me I found a lack of bars showing skiing or boarding videos and even after asking – got a no (what the fuck is wrong with you look at times) all of the time.

The Sochi  2014 Olympics was an excuse for the Pacific Bar and they did show a video ONCE I was there. On that occasion I was chased out by beer pong being played in front of the screen by very rowdy drunk Scandinavians. This bar is the best one in Val from my experience.

Plenty of live music places including the Moris Pub can fit the bill if you are after simple drinking with this kind of entertainment. I need a bit more than this for my 8 euro Guinness. I felt the banana’s bar under the tex mex restaurant had deteriorated in that I was forced to watch 5 year old barca games on the tv as the young crowd were simply people who had no interest in conversing with me as I did not them. As two male younger revellers decided to undress at the bar it would have been nice to have a diversion instead I had to look at the wall. Understand this may have been something I did myself in my youth too ! Just get my frustration as to why you show 5 year old football matches on tv rather than get me motivated by skiiers going off the top of a mountain.

It might have been a good idea for the chalet to organise a pub crawl as I have found this nice in the past and a way for the seasonaire to make some money on the side and get to know the guests. It really works in St Anton. I would compare the two resorts on nightlife and have St Anton easily win on many grounds.

Overall it is apparent that the bars don’t need to make much of an effort – lack of wifi and entertainment is my main criticism.

Thank god for the Folie Douce when on a nice day cabaret has been introduced as dancers entertain but it is mostly well DJ’d house music that gets us all stomping and all ages are welcome. The only downside is it closes too quickly.

The nightlife in Val D’Isere

I think that Val D’Isere gets a good reputation from the young who are quick and willing to tell the world. Indeed it’s a fact that for the young the nightlife IS GREAT. But if you are like me then you might feel that it’s a bit disappointing. And lets face it this should be a lesser concern, lets talk about the chalet hotel and the skiing probably more important items to discuss anyway.

The Moris Chalet Hotel Review

Lacks comfort – no soft seating areas. This is a real issue here. I was not sad to leave this Chalet Hotel in Val D’Isere.
I found it very annoying to leave my room to take a pee. The room at best was just about good enough and I am not at all fussy. I have backpacked and stayed in hostels all over the world of various grades and loved most of them. I am happy in short to rough it. I was again feeling like I was roughing it and had I been paying a lot less I might have though ok that’s good. The point is that for skiing I don’t want this. I want to at least be able to be comfortable.
The lack of wifi : Don’t let anyone tell you this hotel has wifi. It’s simply not working enough long enough or where it is needed. And when you go to the right area and get a connection its very slow. I had to suspend my online course for a week when in reality I could have finally had the time to catch up with a lot of my online tasks. It was mentioned very early on and it was never really fixed.
I don’t find it valid to suggest that I go to the ROXY (or other) café as some kind of a replacement. The ROXY is expensive and busy with everyone with laptops connecting to the internet (yes internet that was down) half of my 45 minutes I stayed. I left after the net came back as I could no longer stand the crowd and the insane heat of the sweat box it is.

Things I didn’t mind about the Moris that might bother you.

Non operating sink plugs, No bath, old dirty feeling/looking carpet, no tv’s (even in common areas), lack of chalet entertainment or events including Skiing hosting. Noise on returning people very early hours thought to be the staff ! The bar is adequate yet again not spacious enough nor comfortable enough to stay too long. The cooked breakfast was not very good but options enough for me.

What Mark Warner got right

Staff very friendly and helpful (mostly) I won’t let a small amount of lackluster performances detract from the ones that work hard. Generally good food but I wasn’t blown away at times still ate everything note. The choice of Rose needs making again and the red was ok. White I don’t drink but was considered ok. They are now getting their transfer buses to make sure they have enough Diesel !

In summary

this hotel needs a comfortable area with a big tv and it may not be possible to fix the rooms enough to make the difference and that’s maybe the key from the business perspective. Until they run the risk of relegation (maybe they are close ?) investment may not arrive. Indeed it may be better to simply move hotel. I could have done without the thought of sharing my room when I had heard of no hint of this at booking time through IGLU. This was a case of ‘wow we saved this room for you to have to just yourself’ so as to stop me complaining as it was maybe a rom that attracts complaints? I base this on my experience only.

I would not stay here again and I would not recommend this to anyone apart from as a last ‘resort’ for someone simply desperate to ski the Espace Killy. More importantly I may elect not to stay again with Mark Warner  (Summer or Winter) as it is no longer a brand that I trust as I did before it may be Good it may be the Moris. Can a brand offer two polar opposite products such as the Levante Beach Resort in Rhodes


After a day at the Chalet Hotel Moris in ValDisere.

(read: after being bored as no wifi no tv no music why not get the article started)

Wifi – it isn’t the amount of connected users its just a slow service that at times just doesn’t work at all. It feels like the days of having a dial up connection this is 2014. In todays world it simply isn’t cutting it. I think if need be a paid for service is the way to go though I feel it’s a great selling point free GOOD RELIABLE wifi.

Temperature indoors is too high – not comfortable should be possible to set it lower ? The poor staff have to work in the sweltering heat during the day.

No comfortable seating anywhere – I don’t think I have ever found it so hard to just get comfortable.

I don’t understand why I was told that I got my room changed to one that I now won’t have to share ! I paid a single supplement and I didn’t even know this kind of thing happened. I find it most odd. If I had to have shared I would have been very annoyed. Iglu ski did not tell me of this which is quite a key thing.

No bath nor toilet in room.

“I prefer not to voice my complaints to the staff for fear of a boilerplate response”