I was invited to an agency to be interviewed for a pressing technical role. I got a bad impression after as I learned later after the interview that the person interviewing me was not at all technical. I had made some assumptions that he/she would be and not wanting to patronise anyone spoke in quite technical terms and as really was required in any case. I got the feeling they wanted me out of the door after I had told them how I would solve their design problem. This is similar to what an agency is complaining about here – It is referring to designers giving away valuable assets to companies for free in design porposals.

I had to try and minimise my cost the normally exhorbitant 99 pounds return to London via east coast rail (for a 52 minute ride !) meant that I got an off peak ticket for 60 however I had to wait around so lost a big part of the day.

I didn’t get even any feedback !

The recruiter sold me up the river, threw me under the bus (somewhat) since they didn’t disclose that I wasn’t the only one they were sending in quite the opposite I was under the impression I was going in as a formality.

If you are a recruiter please consider some things and treat your potential contractors in the way that you would like to be treated.

The takeaways for me are that I will now be looking to drive in to central London and pay parking as it is cheaper to pay parking and pay congestion charge and pay petrol etc. Its a shame for the country that we are having to pay such high fares to get into London and do business. Or elsewhere. Also that said recruiter has lost my respect and I will be on guard with him/her.