I have seen and reasoned that its best not to install IOS7 on my old iphone4 which is perfectly fine currently. I just would like to get the gopro App installed which needs IO6 and some other apps cant be updated due to IOS5 on my phone. I also would like to say that I tried to instal an IPSW file (the correct one after a few hours of research) and get the error which is a check with apple that they will allow it.. I get the normal error that most people get and removing the line in hosts file to gs.apple.com fixes for many I feel this is something the latest itunes is designed to stop. I dont have a line in my host file for gs.apple.com so nothing to do there. It would be cool for apple to acknowledge that maybe in many cases an iphone 4 should be able to get up to IOS6 without going to IOS7. If it is just the latest itunes stopping me going from IOS5 to IOS6 then can I go back in terms of itunes ? I love my laptop apple great job no competitor even close. But the phones I have to say this will be my last iphone due to this kind of control, I need to be able to run what apps I WANT. TY

They removed the post from their site so thats why now its here – see below

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