A comparison between Virgin Media and Sky

From a customer

I feel that we have a genuine grievance against the complaints team at Sky (BSkyB) and the company for the fact that they don’t honour their statements when they advertise their products. We really did try to weigh up and do a comparison between Virgin Media and Sky for their broadband and TV package. The thing that swung the decision was partly that they were offering a 100 pound voucher for tesco – not an insignificant offer. So we decided to go with Sky.

The floors the limit. Sky Sucks !

Book Sky Online

We tried to do the package online but the site would not let us for our address online as someone at this address was down on their system for having had sky previously (probably quite a common thing). So for well over an hour I tried and tried getting more and more frustrated. It kept deferring us to the phone line where they actually get money from the call (I also hate this concept and this was why I tried so long online too). In the end my partner did it the following day from their phone line and she being a normal human being forgot to mention that we wanted and had every right to the 100 pounds voucher since it was the system that was at fault and that we had tried to do it online like a lot of people probably. So is this a way that Sky can make their package sound great knowing that they can block people from doing it online ?

The simple solution at the end of the day would have been to simply realise that the customer is not asking for the moon, indeed I / we are only asking for what was originally promised. Also at the time the website says they can’t process the form then they give the number they must hint that we need to mention to the person on the phone that they are eligible for the special offer. Obviously their multichannel systems are such that the phone operator has access to the correspondence and the fact that we tried to do it online – we did tell them that.

BSkyB Complaints

So where do you complain against BSkyB ? Well twitter (@SkyHelpTeam) seems like a good option to start up a dialogue and indeed the company make it look like they are helping you when in fact they are simply only stonewalling. So someone at the end is simply always replying with repeat information and in no way is the matter ever going to get resolved. We must have had 30 – 50 tweets to them to help us, most got an unhelpful reply. I am hoping to get the chain (or part of) to show you kind of infuriating replies and levels of ‘Service’. The replies each time were promising and full of nothing at all concrete.

So now it is down to us to discover the body or ombudsman who might look into this as for me it is very unsporting and it does feel a little like its a bit of sport for them – they are getting paid to tweet whereas my time is my time. Looking after a toddler means that I cant always reply straight away nor get online everyday. Please subscribe to get the latest on this saga – it has taken probably 3 months to get this far (nowhere) so far. I don’t pretend to think that we will get our original promise as they can’t be trusted – thats right BSkyB can’t be trusted therfore. But I do like to think that some amount of people like me might add up to a number where action is taken by the ombudsman. If we never complain then companies will be a hell of a lot worse so it is important to at times take a stand. Also I don’t seem to be able to get closure and this post and the ombudsman contact will hopefully do that in this case I am able to stop the communications with BSkyB and move on. I do have better things to do indeed if Sky put as much time into other more positive aspects as they have done in simply being repetitive with me then they would also be a better company.
I have read much about Sir Richard Branson and know what he brings to companies. I know that Virgin Media are coming for Sky and Sky might learn that TRUST and company branding is important. But to tweet and talk to them you wouldn’t think they care much at all.

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