How do you promote an island ? Why?

Lets take a case in point; Antigua.

Antigua depends very heavily on tourism. Indeed in recent times there has been some awful press for the island with a nasty robbery that went wrong and an English Guy Christopher Tester got shot in the face and lost his sight. Bad news does affect tourism. When the island has a bad week the locals feel it, it’s that fast and effective. So the tourism is vital and some bad press should not mean that Antigua is a dangerous place – it’s not!

Is Antigua Safe? YES

People looking toward the Caribbean for a vacation holiday have a vast choice and reading through all the marketing hype is time consuming. Stories start in peoples heads seeds are sown somewhere in the past. You might hear a small nugget of info about how laid back Antigua is this stays with you perhaps for years and then one day you hear more good things. Word of mouth and often via digital sources (called touchpoints) these things add up and the idea to actually visit a destination is born. Alternatively you might do a comparison like Best All Inclusive Caribbean online and this can also drive the decision to visit a particular island.

Cutting through the internet there is a blog on Antigua with a more personal perspective. As creator I invite you to come and see if you are on there. If you do anything in Antigua you should consider being on the site. You can get to me through my facebook. But just take your drink of choice and lime up on your device..I would love to hear your thoughts and let’s all promote Antigua.

One of Antigua's typically beautiful corners.

One of Antigua’s typically beautiful corners.