We are now up in Dickenson Bay and staying in the Halcyon Cove – updated areas and photos will follow. Last year I reviewed the resort (Halcyon Cove Review) and island while travelling with a baby. We return this year and will again review as there have been some modifications.

The Halcyon Rex Review 2013

One of the best ways to get the best deal for this resort is using the landed at site this page to get comparative prices for your dates and holiday basis as they offer non all inclusive options too (not recommended by me). So click here on the landed.at comparison link for the halcyon Rex and select full board options and put in your dates. The website will then scour ALL the major booking sites to get the best price. I also did similar on tryvago and it didnt get as good price as with landed.

So give it a go it really is quite fast and the fastest way to get the best deal once you have bought your Antigua Flights. You might like to follow our specific Antigua Blog.

The Halcyon rex offers great value for money. You are on one of the best beaches in Antigua and the caribbean and thus the world to be frank. The Wonderful eating options of the warri pier and Arawak Terrace will mean you might need that gym membership on your return but go for it and spoil yourself. Daytime entertainment and evening time too means that your kids will love it. And the safety levels are high – this is not a dodgy place – make sure your kids are good with water before leaving them to adventure and enjoy however.
The location is better than say the Pineapple Grand resort which is way out in Long bay far from most attractions and places of interest.
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