I was recently looking at car rental in Antigua and the top google result in the sponsored part (beware buyer) was http://www.rentalcars.com/ now no matter what location you put in there is a javascript program FAKING that someone has booked a car where you are trying to book and another message saying that you need to book fast as cars are running out. It cleverly turns off to avoid suspicion and the script is quite hidden using a technique of minification. By the time you read this they may have removed it.

Instead try best antigua car rental.

What are we teaching the world (car rental consumers 😉 ) about ethics in business ? This is clearly very crap – and if true fraudulent – how dare they pretty brazen. The script operates very consistently and is clearly faked and removes the effect to avoid suspicion through obvious repetition and if it were for example New York it would look very real .