We are trying to clear up something that seems to be slightly less than clear on flights to Antigua concerning pram and pushchairs. We tried to get an answer but it simply came back as don’t know without an image.

We have the following mothercare spin pram (more details here) but this image is shown collapsed.


I am just about to tweet them this url – as tweets are a bit short and we need the detail.

Looking online it seems all a bit discretionary but we would hate to arrive at the airport and have to throw it away ! Or maybe less extreme pay an excess – in the latter cases how much could this be ?
Also note that with BA you get to stow a car seat in the hold AS WELL ! So BA is still greater than the rest for us and this was what swung it as Virgin prices were coming up similar but they didnt take both a car seat AND a pram.

SO please help us clear this one up BA.

Style @stylereview24 Jun

@British_Airways Will you take our puschair ? badtoilet.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/pus…

@stylereview Your pushchair would certainly be accepted for travel on your Antigua flight.

YAY ! Thank you BA !