In a time when supposedly the economy isn’t growing and some are facing hardship to to rising levels of unemployment I would like to draw your attention to a couple of points.

Your local authority, council if you like may be using private contractors to cut grass. Now I know how much one such company charges for a piece the size of 5 a side pitch it was circa 3.5k per anum. We pay for this out of a grounds maintenance fee yearly in our ‘private’ managed estate. We get no say in the matter but this charge is by far and away the biggest chunk and uses contractors to do it. This cutting happens maybe every 2 weeks in summer and its not a big job. Maybe you ought to take a look and see what your councils are being charged to cut their grass areas and why is that being subcontracted ?

I welcome Council spokespeople to comment here and let us know their policy and what it costs to cut the grass and where those funds come from.