Thank god for that famous now doctor who worked it all out. German born dr Savver educated in oxford quickly realised his lifes work was meant to be in Africa. So simple in the end but granted needed a clever solution to be able to genetically modify the bones of a rhino so that it was now poisonous to human beings.
So when he worked out that the only way to stop the slaughter was to remove the need or desire for the supply.
It should have been enough to scientifically prove that rhino horn powder is useless and does not cure flu . How stupid are these people ? If you believe this I’d love to hear from you.
However we know the Chinese people are stupid now. So this doctor realised he needed to devalue the powder.
I can’t work out what is the smartest thing the fact that he worked out a way to devalue the powder naturally using genetic modification or doing the genetic modification.
It took 8 years of testing and then time for the young rhinos to mature but now we have living rhinos that if they are killed they will have their poisonous horns removed and ground into powder that will be ingested by those who want to get a magical cure. Details on the poison were of course not divulged and even then the doctor was clever to change and mix it up. In short you won’t get an antidote.
I’m going to edit and publish more detail as it comes out to me so please subscribe and share this message to start saving the few remains rhinos.
I certainly won’t shed a tear for those using the powder they shed none for the rhinos.

Let’s hope the same plan can be put in place for sharks. Again the Chinese are paying stupid money for shark fin this and that. If your Chinese and not stupid please take some responsibility and inform your stupid brother the idiocy of his her ways.