You have no way to dispute nor contact them regarding a ‘sale’ I even recently had an email saying from quidco the other day that apple had approved the claim. Then said it has been paid elsewhere – I was careful to delete all cookies and clear my browser – I know how to do this and did it carefully as I have been victim of affiliate rip offs before still I said I would give it a go..well dont trust QUIDCO.

Even the feedback r contact routes are blocked off to you. You cant contact them – so presumably I cant contact apple either.
If you work for apple affiliate scheme please let me know. I would like to now go to apple to ask who DID get the affiliate income ?
But Quidco are preventing this.
Anyone else NOT HAPPY WITH QUIDCO – read crapco.

See here how friendly they are ‘they wont allow you to contact them’

affiliate marketing scam

Quidco stop you posting a reply to them – expect ALL companies to do this soon if you dont complain.