I didn’t think it was a negative thing  – I thought some mistake has lead to a link pointing to my site. but today I discovered that

onlineaddclick.net which started sending thousand x of clicks per month was rubbish traffic (as suspected) at 96% bounce rate but I didn’t think google would take this as a poor site signal, this was prior to panda and penguin updates which kind of goes against my theory.

I never researched this and never built links either just was intent on making my site better for the reader.

But this looks like a good tactic to sabotage a site if google is truly using bounce rate and somehow its not the same ip for example. So online add click did stop hitting my site which i suspected they would as it was costing them in some way ?

While google seem to be the only way people will search we are going to find that the rest of the world will try and get to the top of google and this includes dirty tricks and all its kind of like the bad guys staying a step ahead of the cops because the bad guys dont have to follow the same rules and ethics. I mean imagine if the cops could just do what they wanted like the criminals without being in check…