I was surfing seo tools again as I do now and again and there is this site that pops up and the first thing that gets me is how well the site is designed.

I dont believe it ! I think its all very well designed TOO well ! but it works and is making them a lot of money online – notice how I say THEM,

here is what I emailed m friend


BUT the main thing is that this is a sales site believe it or not. He has been spun (he uses this term differently to me) as a guy an individual very clever that way we believe him (he has an edgy facebook like photo too drinking from a bottle of beer- we say no way can this guy be a company) in video 2 just after he says x product at 198 dollars per month is a lot (that’s too much – ahhh he is being very much like us now making out he’s a great guy) then wham – ‘what I use now is ultimate demon’ – now this is great sales technique. So the proposition happens later  in video 2 (which also came out later !!! so he was building this site up to gai confidence)– at first he gains your confidence with a lot of bs about these videos take 8 hours to make pls link to me…se how pro his website is ! No seo guy takes this kind of care.


Matt is a dude and in no way a front of a company designed to sell seo software !

So whats the big deal ? – well if you like the net you should be against what his technique proposes (google say they are fighting spam). His technique takes 3 articles written about the same subject and this ‘tool’ essentially spins it into 500 articles. It rewords it messes with the html – he injects videos and a photo too and swaps in the tags – thats what this software does, and though it may be good at it, it is overpriced even with the convenient 50$ discount link he has conveniently where you need it to be.
Back to why this is wrong – the site he promotes will never host this new spun ‘rubbish’ its an article or 500 that say the same thing look a bit different and are for gaming google even if the original article IS a good read we dont want it 500 times online ! It is this tool that then auto submits it to this tier of sites. So its filling the web up with this rubbish and hurting honest people optimising their web. Now this would be ok if it were not for the fact that google cant quite work this stuff out – nope ! Google cant detect spun articles (yet) but it will and when it does Matthew woodward site wont be the one getting the penalisation ! his technique means his duplicated rubbish gets on the sites you love. Yep you have gone to a link and found it very disappointing havent you – well this is why.

Visit the site below if you want – he needs to tone down the home page a bit IMO but many people won’t find it an issue.


I wish that google just was able to drop the links pointing to your site as being the reason you will rank in google. They have made great strides in helping natural looking links work better but the tools as shown now are able to even spin these links ! SO google are always reacting to this stuff. But IMO it should be easier to watch for the pattern matching. Or any article using the same words (forget the order !).

As an honest hard working link builder I would like to know your opinion on this method. I hate when I have to spend time hardening sites against this kind of spam and also getting penalised from google innocently because google are trying to get this kind of gaming google.