So while watching the excellent Raymond Briggs father Christmas I came up with this joke.

I’m such a bad tipper, last time I got to my hotel room after landing at Los Angeles and we are at that point so I tip the guy against all of my better principles (when in Rome) and he says to me

‘have a nice hour’

I know what your thinking (the joke ended I’m back commentating myself)

How does he do it ?

If I knew it might be scary anyway in the true spirit of Christmas I’m sharing this with you so you can tweet and pint interest it

But seriously watch the film go buy the DVD which also has the snowman film too and that haunting song by aled jones we are walking in the air, enjoy a return to innocence and quality animation – our daughter loves it as do we it will make your christmas better !

Ps love the snowman dance my daughter expects me to dance with her whenever it’s great
go watch