Its a task in itself calling BT with their automated respose always requiring an account number – but what if you wanted to follow their instructions here

and recycle their BT Hubs ?

Well I wanted to do just that and was reminded of the painful customer service. The polite but unhelpful guy went to great pains to just repeat himself that he needed account details otherwise we should just take it to the tip where it will go into the ground and seep silicon into the ground. Also the fact that it was x2 old BT hub 2’s (1 still boxed due to their original foul up) they would just be doing the same at their end ! So really when you say you are recycling or care thats a lie – just another one of those small daily ones we get from the corps.

So 1) BT saying they recycle is BS, 2) their customer service is really rubbish – find an alternative to BT if you can we have been happy since leaving them 6 months ago (oh yes an old account more than 2 months means you can use none of their returns facilities..)

BT customer service and recycling hash tag FAIL !