The Xbox 4 gigabytes model how does it compare to the 250 GB  Xbox.

These slim (not sure how it is called slim as it’s very similar in dimensions to the original mark two Xbox which was the new 360)

The 4 gb  xbox comes without a hard drive so you only have internally 4 GB which for casual games is probably enough your online live account will be saved so you don’t lose game data in fact I’m just transferring from an old Xbox 360 up to my new xbox.

There is no HDMI cable in the box for the 4 GB model nor is there a headset ! There is a hdmi connection slot. You get a single controller (with a coupe of duracell AA batteries now thats classy) and the power supply and do your main console the console will not differ in any way. I think previously surface definition might have been different being a matte black but maybe they are all MattBlack not sure so that’s how you see the difference between the elite 250 GB and 4 GB consoles ? This is purely cosmetic.

I will install my old 120 GB hard drive (same as 20gb as most people have) once I’ve got it out of its old-style holder into the new 4 GB Xbox without voiding the warranty of the new Xbox console but will have to void the warranty of the old hard drive unit which is not a problem as the old Xbox is dead and very much buried after previous RROD fixes and now error 79.

If anyone wants a free old style power supply and xbox for spare parts let me know.