Please please please find a way to stop this anyone

African Press International (API)

<Commentary By Leo Odera Omolo

THE time is ripe for the government to come out in its true colour to stamp out lawlessness and unlawful butchering of innocent citizens inGusii region

It is also time for political leadershipwithin Kisii region to brainstorm together with the purpose of finding out the way forward to bring to an immediate end the senseless killing of people and destruction of their property by the so-called Sungu Sungu .gangs of criminal under the pretext of community policing in the interior villages.

The region is bleeding to death with so many people dying under the mysterious circumstances. Extra judiciary killing of people is not permitted by the law of the land until they are proved guilty. The so-called witches whether real or imaginary, are equally protected by the law until such a time when they are found guilty by a competent court of laws.

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