I got an email from a recruiter today advertising Windows 8 her eit goes
I hope you are well and had a good weekend!

As a recruitment company focused on the Microsoft, Virtualisation and Cloud space, and a registered Microsoft Partner, we have been keeping an eye on developments around Windows 8. Would you believe that you can now download Windows 8 on a free 90-day evaluation? Before you do, it is worth having a read of our blog as we have been boning up on Windows 7 Hacker’s 7 of the top tips to be aware of prior to doing so, and incredibly useful they are too.

As always we give you the link through to his personal page, and once you have downloaded Windows 8 then he has some very interesting articles on what to do with it!

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Am I right in thinking this is a bad thing ? I mean the fact that they can spam you with articles with adverts at the end of the line…Aren’t you supposed to be helping me find a job so I might be able to buy Windows Fucking 8.