I am looking around this month using seomoz and thought I would share my thoughts – here (and less on their site) as they moderated my posts since I innocently posted a url ! oops aren’t we all over the block anything with a link mantra ? If you don’t want it to harm your stats then stop the crawlers – the fact is twitter grew out of the freedom to post. Seomoz could do with taking a chill pill regarding the link posting. Paying them 99 per month and not being able to share pages with the fellow bloggers is a tad annoying.

Well more solid unbiased info here on seomoz:
The interface is a joy to use and you can set up multiple url’s – most webmasters run more than a single site and to be able to manage them well is a good thing. But its not a good score if your new to SEO terminology especially as they have their own metrics which I knew not some you can work out like their own page rank similar idea to google’s to try and work out the quality of a page. So you can get all this info but it can be largely meaningless initially. I am sure if you have the time you can get the help but simple tooltips explaining these acro’s would have been good. So for my sites I would be wondering is this how many back-links come in from that or is it backlinks from this etc…

The Bad Stuff
Crawl errors – they say errors are easy to identify and fix ? I get a lot of duplicate page errors with joomla sites and know it’s not a common problem ONLY to joomla sites. More CMS’s really – what is it about ? Duplicate pages ? No not as far as the regular browser is concerned for example changing the font size of the page is to a human being not a duplicate page but to a machine it is the same content one page at font size 10 one a font size 12 etc. This is no easy fix start here if you like Canonical URL. But no easy fix.

It allows some social media access if you connect to your twitter accounts for example most allow some kind of social analytic these days as too does RAVEN TOOLS SEO.

Some Good Stuff
They have some tools like keyword suggest things and their seo explorer which is great I just think the whole thing is a bit clunky being a lot of separate tools. Still you can get at what you need.

In summary seomoz didn’t really tell me anything that google webmaster tools couldn’t if you use it enough apart from the keyword tools or seo explorer. I already suspected what the problem was with my site in question and it came down to content and more so not enough links. I would pay a 10th of the cost per month as that is where I would put its value.

With SEO you can spend time doing that (SEO) or you can spend time making your site better – Google rewards the latter – If you have lots of cash sure get a pro doing the SEO for you in house and make sure that is not at the expense of Great Content that people want to link to. This won’t quite cut the grade for top content as I am pushed for time and can’t really get all the details for the review as I would like and I am sure as you can tell. But the end is the end and read this

Seo is not as important as content despite what they want you to buy into.