At what point did I pass through a timewarp ? A yahoo employee who was going to interview me at 12:30 today got her PA to send me a two liner saying that she was sorry (who was sorry ?) and wanted to reschedule. No reason or excuse given. As I am the one who wants the job then I should be completely submissive and grateful this is clear from the email. How could I possibly work for someone who thinks that I am not worth proper consideration – seriously I am I out of touch maybe a little touchy.
I should be grateful she didn’t sign the email with an ‘x’ this is happening on an alarming basis.

On a similar note an employee literally blocked me stone walled my communications like they were tier one telephone support, no I couldn’t talk to someone else despite the seriousness of the issue I won’t go into. So there a business relationship which could have worked and was working apart from the problem has now resulted in this correspondence spoiling the relationship that the company spent money trying to find and nurture. No way round it !