I am in the position to actively search for my next professional chapter (2-3yrs) so I have worked on updating the cv and got it placed on the main job search site for the uk. I am getting more than a little interest but it isn’t good.
I am loosing a lot of time fielding calls from recruiters who pretty much on the whole don’t work differently from any other. Its like you all read the same wrong book.
I am asked entirely the wrong questions you concern yourself with your agenda and don’t listen. Expand the profile of the candidates perhaps you are tasked, while others DO have a role they are trying to fill still I am left loosing time with no real good prospect for work.
It isn’t a great market out there for the job seeker. There are far too many agencies out there and far to few jobs. I have even been canvassed by people wanting to redo my cv for me for 300 quid. Hmmm I’m trying to earn money.
I need agencies.
But why are there few that understand that you should be asking me where I want to go not where I have been ?

You should be earning your money, especially if your the kind of agency that has the cheek to charge client (me ?) 25%. So how to earn your money ? Spend more time talking to the employer know their needs more than they do, so many times I am sent a spec that is clearly written by a less than understanding individual.

An advertising agency will fail if it fails to work closely with its client, it needs to know their business objectives. Can you honestly say that you know what your client needs, if your passing me their spec then you are not fulfilling mine nor their needs with any depth. Its a spray and prey mentality.

I am asked how do you rate your javascript from 1 to 10 ! How many years have you worked with xml – “10 years” I say yet I would rate myself a lowly 3 (if I were honest) on xml, there is xml and xml (trust me I have seen a thick book !). Ask the client to give a scenario application problem or a function that needs to be written then give me this, I really wont mind showing what I can and cannot do. I will also feel better that the client knows what my ability is. Yes programming is perhaps one of the easiest metrics to check against an individual. How do you measure more strategic abilities in an unknown individual ? After all I am trying to move into a more producer style role. I am so motivated by this it WILL happen if indeed the first part is true !

..But to speak with recruiters who do not seem to be able to see past the past and convince them is a tall order.