Talking to my partner trying to solve the issue of whether it is worth her going back to work to pay it all back in nurseries fees (£1,100) and petrol. It is well discussed the role of the woman in the work place and the cost of child birth to the company and the gov. Staying at home doesn’t feel the right choice for her nor the company. But she will effectively go back to work for 70 quid per week. Ok we need to think of work in a different way to justify it and that is one side you might take. But the reasons why I felt compelled to blog are 2 fold.

1) The Government not having any ideas in this area (when was the last time the government came up with something clever)…what do you do for your money ? What do the government actually do that some facebook voting couldn’t achieve. If they are constantly looking for popular consensus and just doing that then technology can give you that at a fraction of the price – something I might vote for – I have stopped voting by the way.
2) Why don’t the government give business tax breaks to create in house nursery facilities. If the child costs £60 per day per person then it sounds very common sense that these companies allow employees to deposit their children on their site of work and have access during the day if needed. Their opinion would be driven by the bottom line but does that bottom line take into account key employees walking away and the maternity pay they do currently pay out.

One of the most sensible benefits any respectable company can offer its staff. Talk about a magnet to keep them. ‘I could find another job that is better paid but little darling is so settled and its so easy I’m going to stick around.’