I was excited once upon a time to find this new opportunity to write or produce a nice website (there was no such thing as an ap back then) in one editor and it would work anywhere.
Back then javascript errors were many and the browser issues were large depending on netscape or i.e. so it was great to start with a blank canvas called a stage. Macromedia had invented flash and it was great. A place for me. A structural designer for want of a better description and soon we started to see menus getting built from xml and the such. Nothing too complex. We weren’t yet used to storing things in the db, just happy to present a cool thing to the world and get into as many bookmark lists as possible.

Things moved on but the cross platform issues returned more diverse than ever before now with mobiles making things murky. Apple’s refusal to natively run the flash plugin has kind of killed flash for me also it got very geeky and was more about the how it was made and less about what since a few years since it went open source to a degree.

So it is with great interest that I hear about the html 5 standard and perhaps now I can do the following

Write great html5 css3 App

  1. Play it through the facebook applications platform PROJECT SPARTAN (no complex apple app store)
  2. Play it on safari (negating the need for the apple app store)
  3. Play it as an App in Apple devices Ipad, Iphone etc.
  4. Play it on android phones and tablets.
  5. Play it through the tv set top boxes

It is with interest that certain giants are no longer developing certain flash API’s as they are no longer in fashion such as the google maps API for flash. Dropped in favour of the google maps API 3 which is developed to be faster and usable on mobile devices and everywhere else.

Have we seen a tech market that is loosing patience with apple’s app dominance and strategic blocking for example flash ? I hope that you have some things to add to this discussion. I’m wrong about a few things here perhaps but this IS going to be the rough shape of things to come.