What is this new buzzword ? Well in today’s world of CRM consumer /customer Relationship Marketing / Management this refers to getting very detailed about an individuals habits, perhaps buying habits. Complaints against competitors if public in the blogosphere may lead to opportunities is a different example. But it is the real marketing inteligence that was once glimpsed in the eye of the CRM guru. Its starting to happen as the databases grow and facebook / twitter shares our data ! The individual with a skinny online bio is rare these days and the opposite seems to be the case. People are eager to bare all on twitter in an effort to out do thy neighbour and get RT’s !

So the benefit to us is perhaps convenience in purchasing. I just though about buying some paint and the CRM system installed at flooringsupplies.webby knew I had made a recent order – it was an average obvious guess that I might be doing the walls and ceiling at the same time. The clever bit and making sure that I had to take the secondary step was offering this at a discount I could perhaps not get later ! We love a good deal admit it, you glance at the reduced shelves late at night in the super market for a nice trout to have for supper for next to nothing !

Back on track more rudimentary examples are product placement – car rental adverts on a travel page about Portugals Algarve for example but lets be honest it’s a very low level of clickthrough if you know your internet strategy and management and check your webstats.

So this is customer intimacy for me my definition and lies within a complex detailed personal profile stored about you across multiple domains (corporate CRM databases). Next time you see facebook or foursquare etc asking for location information it is a clue gathering machine at work, you checked into Heathrow airport 8 times last year, more than being able to make you mayor they have established you travel a lot and would be interested in travel insurance if not for you personally then the company details they cross referenced you with on linked in profile.

The drawbacks to having all this profile information online is quite obvious and I for one try and keep my data as general as possible, I rarely use facebook landed.at twitter or linked in other than for my own promotional tool set as they are without doubt